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Speaker Vest Makes You a Human Soundsystem

We all know how tiring it can be to carry a large boombox above our heads in order to blast music for the world to hear, but thanks to the innovative Joey Andolina, the Speaker Vest is here to do all of the work. If you love attention and love music, you may enjoy the Speaker Vest's dual-equipped amplified motorcycle speakers complete with an 8" Boss Audio Bass900 subwoofer.

Although blasting music from this funky vest is likely going to cause some earthquake-like vibrations across your body, at least you'll have your arms and legs free to bust out some cool dance moves. It would probably be wise to also wear a pair of ear plugs to keep your hearing intact because the vest's 10-cell rechargeable battery is going to keep the party going for quite some time. So if you happen to have $900 laying around and want to become a human boombox, check out Andolina's store to grab your very own.