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Lenovo A540 All-in-One Sports Motion Control, TV Tuner

Following in the footsteps of the C560 Touch, Lenovo has unveiled the A Series A540 desktop for families that want even more power out of their all-in-ones. Due out this July for $1,279, this sleek Windows 8.1 all-in-one supports motion control and an optional TV tuner.

Sporting a slim and sexy aluminum frame, the A540's 10-finger touchscreen can be swivels from -5 to 90 degrees for both desktop and tabletop use. The all-in-one comes loaded with Lenovo Motion Control, which lets you perform functions like volume control and video playback using motion gestures.

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The A540 can be configured with up to a 4th-Gen Core i7 processor, and packs up to NVIDIA GeForce GT 840A graphics. You can outfit your A540 with NFC capabilities for quick file transfers with supported devices, and there's an optional TV Tuner add-on that lets you enjoy your favorite shows on the desktop's 23.8-inch, 1920 x 1080 IPS display. Coupled with its included JBL speakers, the A540's TV function should appeal to entertainment junkies who don't already have a solid HD screen.

The A540 looks like it will make a strong addition to Lenovo's all-in-one lineup, which consists of Windows-based devices like the C560 touch and the Android-powered N308. We look forward to giving it our full review treatment once its July release window draws closer.

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