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This Is Elon Musk’s 'Disturbingly Long' Test Tunnel Under LA

The Boring Co.’s first tunnel is “disturbingly long”, says the company’s founder Elon Musk. The video he posted certainly makes it look claustrophobic.

Credit: The Boring Co.

(Image credit: The Boring Co.)

The video appears to be a 34-second long timelapse taken while walking through it — “walked full length of Boring Co tunnel under LA tonight,” Musk said on Twitter before posting the video.

It shows a rough tunnel that goes from 2 miles under Los Angeles, starting at SpaceX headquarters in Hawthorne, California.

To keep things in perspective, keep in mind that the world’s longest transportation tunnel is 37.5-mile Guangzhou Metro Line 3 in Guangzhou, China, which was finished in 2010. This is followed by the 35-mile twin-bore Gotthard base tunnel that links northern and southern Europe under the Swiss Alps using high speed trains. The latter is also the world’s deepest tunnel dedicated to transportation.

The Boring Co. wants to create a network of tunnels that will allow cars to travel under the surface and avoid traffic jams. To access these tunnels, drivers will use surface stations. Rather than driving inside the tunnel, though, the cars will be carried in platforms at very high speeds between different surface stations in a system that will be fully automated.

Musk says that the tunnel is on track for the opening party on December 10. It is unclear if that means if the tunnel would be fully operative as described above or just a test bed for further development of the concept.