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Facebook Profiles Get a Fancy New Layout

This past weekend, Facebook introduced a new model for user profiles. The latest redesign shows busier, more visual profiles compared to what current members are used to, and aims to 'streamline' things so that more frequently used features are afforded more prominent placement on the page.

One of the most noticeable changes is the fact a strip of tagged photos now appears along the top of each user's profile. Similar to how you can remove stories from your profile, you can click the little 'x' to remove photos you don't like from this stream. Just above this is all of your vital information, such as job, location and relationship status. This is displayed right at the top of the page as opposed to the side panel or the old 'Info' tab.

There's also the ability to show your 'featured friends,' which sounds similar to how MySpace used to let you prioritize the eight friends that would show up as the link to your full list of buddies. Facebook's Wiseman says the feature will allow you to "highlight the friends who are important to you."

All interests are now displayed with pictures, so if you've got some Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus among your Van Halen and Zepplin, be warned that pictures of the teen beauties might make an appearance next to Robert Plant on your profile page.

Additionally, Facebook has awarded the Business and Education section of your profile a little more attention and it now allows you to link projects and classes, and tag friends you worked with on certain tasks.

Read more about the new profiles on the Facebook Blog where you can activate the new design if you wish. Facebook has yet to specify when we'll all be made to ditch the old profile in favor of the new design, but we assume they'll start forcing it on people eventually.

  • rooseveltdon
  • SchizoFrog
    I hate the new layout and wish the old one back. Unfortunately you can't go back. Just another case of FB not giving a toss about its actual users.
  • tsnorquist
    More data mining utilities from Facebook... just saying.
  • teflon2287
    This is news?
  • shaun_shaun
    a Fancy New Layout for DumbF@%#$ !!!!?
  • firebee1991
    Not a huge fan, but I'm sure I'll get used to it.
  • hater01
    I HATE the new one it SUCKS...I want the old one back
  • r0x0r
    Don't like the new layout? Stop using Facebook. You don't pay for it so you have no right to complain.
  • 15lastromance
    the new layout is kind'of messy to me . :|
  • Griffolion
    The mere exposure effect dictates that all haters will like it in a month and will inevitably hate what they bring out next.