Taking a trip? These security devices help you stay close to your home and family while away

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Vacations are hard-earned, necessary breaks from the typical day-to-day. Stepping away for a while is always a breath of fresh air, but it comes with a litany of questions: Did we forget to pack sunscreen? What if it rains? Is it okay that we'll be away from home for so long?

You don't want to spend your fleeting moments of rest worrying about what's happening at home. Staying connected is integral and easier than ever with these products from Ring. They'll help give you some peace of mind when you're away from your family's HQ. 

Ring Video Doorbell

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Video Doorbell (2nd Gen)

When you think of a video doorbell, this is probably the one you imagine. Whether you're across the world or just at the grocery store, this doorbell's HD video, Two-Way Talk and real-time motion notifications allow you to see, hear and speak to anyone who approaches the door. It's super easy to install and acts as a great first step for someone who wants to keep an eye on their house while traveling.

Ring Stick Up Cam Pro

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Stick Up Cam Pro

Watching your doorstep is all well and good, but the Stick Up Cam Pro lets you watch over wherever you place it. Keep it posted inside to watch over your basement or outside to survey your deck. It features innovative 3D Motion Detection, so if it's outside, you can see the path someone took around your yard with exact motion alerts powered by radar technology. The crisp 1080P HDR video and night vision help you tell the difference between a stranger and the house sitter doing their best to get your dog to go to the bathroom. 

Ring Alarm Kit

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Alarm Kit

Great for renters or folks in smaller homes, this five-piece set will help secure one door or window with a motion sensor for one room. When you're at home, the telltale "chirp" will let you know when motion is detected or the door opens, and it's easy to install and uninstall, so you can take it with you if you move. For additional backup, add a Ring Protect Pro subscription. You'll get access to 24/7 professional monitoring and real-time phone alerts when an alarm is triggered, ensuring you know what's going on at home when you're on the go. Just make sure your house sitter knows how to shut down the alarm. The siren can get loud. Ring Alarm Systems come in a wide variety of options for both smaller and larger homes.* 

* Ring Alarm and all Ring Alarm accessories require a subscription for digital arming/disarming and certain other in-app features. For more information on which features require a subscription and subscription pricing, check out ring.com/subscriptions.

Ring Floodlight Cam

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Floodlight Cam Wired Plus

Want to cover a large outdoor area like your yard or driveway? These two motion-activated LED floodlights will help keep your car safe at home while you're away. Floodlight Cam Wired Plus has customizable motion zones, so you don't have to deal with constant alerts from folks on the sidewalk. You also don't have to worry about its batteries running out while you're away because there are none—it's hardwired. Plus, it includes HD video, Two-Way Talk, and a security siren you can sound from your phone. 

Ring Spotlight Cam Plus

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Spotlight Cam Plus

Your partner's confusing travel itinerary might keep you in the dark, but your side yard won't be with this camera's motion-activated LED spotlights. It's perfect for smaller outdoor areas to help make sure your shed or alleyway is secure while you're gone for the summer. Just like most of the cameras on this list, it comes with HD video and Two-Way Talk, so you can let people know you can see them on-screen. Even better, there's a version that comes with a solar panel so the summer sun can power your security.

Ring Indoor Cam

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Indoor Cam

When we talk about staying connected with your family while on a trip, naturally, we mean your pets. The Ring Indoor Cam* is perfect for pet owners who are constantly asking themselves, "I wonder what our cat is doing right now?" Just put this versatile camera wherever there's an outlet. With Two-Way Talk, it lets you see and speak to your furry (or scaly — don't let me stop you) friends in HD video while you're away. Also, if someone is watching your house or pet, let them know there's a built-in manual privacy cover that shuts off video and microphone access. Just ask them nicely to turn it around when they leave for the day. We all need our pet fix.

* Ships to the US and Canada (except Quebec)

Ring Pet Tag

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Pet Tag

Speaking of pets, a major point of stress for any pet owner leaving for an extended period of time is the possibility of your pet escaping your home. Make sure your pets are easily located with this QR code tag for their collar. If a would-be rescuer scans the code, you'll get an alert that your pet has been found. They can even give you a call or text—and you never have to give out your private contact information. Best of all? It works without any batteries, subscriptions or fees. 

Ring Alarm Flood & Freeze Sensor

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Alarm Flood & Freeze Sensor

Nothing is worse than coming home after an exhausting (but exciting) trip to find that a leak has sprung and your house has flooded. Stay above the waterline with an Alarm Flood & Freeze Sensor* that will help detect water or low temperatures. You probably won't have to worry about frozen pipes during the summer, but you don't only take vacations in the summer, right? Along with the Ring Alarm or Ring Alarm Pro subscription, you'll get notifications to make sure your water heater, basement and any other potential leak spots have just as much security as your front door.

* Requires the Ring Alarm Security Kit. Ships to and is designed for use only within the U.S. (all 50 states, but not U.S. territories) and in Canada (excluding Quebec).

Ring Solar Steplight

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Solar Steplight

Your house sitter may have a hard time taking care of your home or pets if they've twisted their ankle on the dark path to your door. Take care of them (and yourself!) with some solar-powered steplights. Weather-resistant with adjustable brightness, these motion-activated lights are a great way to make sure your guests can watch their step while watching your house.

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