Taiwan’s smart home tech is on full display with Taiwan Excellence Awards

Taiwan Excellence Visual
(Image credit: Taiwan External Trade Development Council)

Like many of the devices in our lives, our homes are getting smarter, too. With smart home devices' ability to interface directly with consumers every day, they offer a unique opportunity to impact people’s lives. This can make truly standout products gamechangers for users, and it's those types of products that Taiwan highlights in its Taiwan Excellence Awards.

Over the last 30 years, Taiwan has highlighted its domestic products with the Taiwan Excellence Awards, which go to products offering technical innovation and real, life-changing impact. It is this focus on innovative value that the International Trade Administration (TITA) and Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) seek to highlight across the world. 

Each year, Taiwan Excellence Awards selects only a handful of innovative products that have met rigorous criteria for R&D, design, quality, and marketing. The selected products receive the Taiwan Excellence Award mark, which serves as a distinction and testament to their high standards. A panel of international judges take nominated products into consideration for even further commendation, selecting standout products to receive the Taiwan Excellence Gold Award or Silver Award. 

These products, designed and made in Taiwan embody a combination of innovation and excellence reflecting the following aspects:

  • Innovative: Products that prioritize customer satisfaction through advanced and thoughtful design.
  • Excellence: Companies that are passionate about common goals, foster team spirit, enthusiasm, and knowledge-sharing.
  • Value: Practical products that truly enhance everyday life
  • Dependable: Reliable products with quality and performance you can count on.

This year, a few products really stood out in the smarthome category. AIFA Technology’s i-Ctrl Pro Smart Remote and Avigo Technology’s BeanBon Home Coffee Roaster both proved themselves in this capacity, earning the Taiwan Excellence Award. Topping it off, AVerMedia Technologies’ Dual Cam earned the Taiwan Excellence Gold Award. 

AIFA Technology’s i-Ctrl Pro Smart Remote

AIFA Technology’s i-Ctrl Pro Smart Remote

(Image credit: AIFA Technology Group)

AIFA Technology’s i-Ctrl Pro Smart Remote


i-Ctrl Pro turns your home into a smart home. Traditional remote control only functions when you are at home. i-Ctrl Pro solves this: Easy to set up and user-friendly, it enables smart control for all traditional devices with unlimited remote control range from your smartphone to your house using 4G/5G internet. Built-in schedule, scene and GPS sensing functions. The upgraded version i-Ctrl Pro also has built-in temperature and humidity sensor to unleash more possibilities and user scenarios to the user.

You can also use voice control through Google Home, Amazon Alexa or Siri to voice control home devices with i-Ctrl Pro. i-Ctrl Pro is on a mission to make traditional home appliances smart. 

AVerMedia’s PW313D DualCam

AVerMedia’s PW313D DualCam

(Image credit: AVerMedia Technologies, Inc.)

The DUALCAM PW313D is a 2-in-1 webcam equipped with two cameras to capture two different angles simultaneously. The combination of a webcam and doc cam captures both yourself and any other object or documents on your table. It is a reliable video and audio device for video conferences, online teaching, and interviews. Two built-in microphones on each side of the webcam capture a broader and more immersive sound field. The AI noise reduction feature amplifies the speaker’s natural voice and removes ambient noises. The microphones capture audio naturally and clearly up to 3 m/9.8 ft. in all directions.

With CamEngine 4, our exclusive video and audio optimization software, you can access all the webcam’s features, such as video rotation, zoom, picture-in-picture, keystone correction (provide a table top view), and annotation tools to enhance any lesson or video call.

Avigo Technology’s BeanBon Coffee Roaster 

Avigo Technology’s BeanBon Coffee Roaster

(Image credit: Avigo Technology)

Freshly roasted beans are the key to exquisite coffee. BeanBon is an entry-level home coffee roaster that combines function with aesthetics. The complex roasting components are integrated into a sleek machine that is easy to clean and matches modern decor. WCRC Taiwan Champion, Jason Hua, worked as a consultant during development. The roaster is easy to use with one-button operation and the accompanying BeanBon app, where users can create and share roasting profiles with other coffee lovers.

Whether you're an experienced pro or a beginner in coffee roasting, BeanBon Coffee Roaster is the top choice for all coffee enthusiasts. With Smart Mode for auto-roasting with the 8 preprogrammed roasting profiles, and Creator Mode for manual operation for adjusting the roasting time/heat/ airflow anytime in the roasting, you can experience the fun of coffee roasting in either mode, and enjoy the freshness of coffee at home. With its roasting amount for 60-120g green beans, the amount of roasted beans is enough for daily coffee consumption as a small family. And you could finish the beans before the aroma and flavor faded away. This is the ideal choice for home users and even for professional roasters in sample roasting. 

Made in Taiwan: An environment that fosters innovation

These three gadgets offer new ways to do everyday tasks and activities, which is part of how they earned their awards. To see what other products were considered and other winners, you can learn more about the Taiwan Excellence Award here

The companies showcased have forged everyday excellence into the DNA of their products. The Taiwan Excellence Awards showcase Taiwan's belief that innovative, cutting-edge technology can lead the way to a better future. The winners of the 2023 Taiwan Excellence Awards also demonstrate how Taiwan's work to build an innovative economic landscape is bearing fruit.

For more information, visit Taiwan Excellence and see the best made in Taiwan.