Supsoo B131 headphones offer amazing sound quality and long-lasting battery

Supsoo headphones in use
(Image credit: Supsoo)

Ever wanted to shut out the noise and distractions of the world, and fully immerse yourself with your music? Thanks to the Supsoo B131 headphones , you can.

Design and comfort 

After taking out the headphones from the box, you’ll be impressed with how sleek and stylish they look, with a subtle black and brown colour scheme with bronze highlights that just oozes sophistication.

They’re impressively lightweight (weighing just 280g), which you’ll also notice as soon as you pick them up, and that means they’re not just easy to carry around with you, but they are also supremely comfortable to wear as well. 

We tried them out, and were able to listen to music for hours on end without feeling any discomfort thanks to the light weight, soft earcups and self-adjusting headband. Despite being so light, they feel sturdy and well-built, and certainly don’t feel cheap or flimsy. They fitted easily and comfortably, and didn’t slide off while we were using them - while not feeling too tight, either.

Supsoo headphones in use

(Image credit: Supsoo)

Noise cancelling 

Our favourite feature of the Supsoo B131 headphones is its Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) mode, which cuts out almost all external sounds, leaving you to enjoy your music, podcasts and more in complete peace, with ambient sounds below around the 1kHz being eliminated, and the performance easily rivals more expensive competitors.

You can turn it on with a quick button press (the ANC button is separate from the power button for ease of use), and the results are fantastic. If you want to listen to music in busy and noisy environments, then the Supsoo B131 headphones do a fantastic job.

Of course, it can be important to make sure you’re aware of your surroundings from time to time as well, such as when you’re walking down the street, and the Supsoo B131 headphones can help out there. A quick tap of the ANC button turns on a ‘transparent mode’ which lets you hear the world around you, without losing audio quality for your tunes.

Supsoo headphones in use

(Image credit: Supsoo)


The ANC capabilities of the Supsoo B131 don’t just stop at enjoying music without interruption - it’s also great for making and receiving phone calls, allowing you to hear your caller, even in noisy environments. 

Meanwhile, the omnidirectional  Environmental Noise Cancelling (ENC) microphone inside the headphones means your voice will be heard as well.


Your music won’t be interrupted by the need to recharge the Supsoo B131 headphones either, thanks to their incredible 1000mA battery, which offers 80-hours of music listening with a single charge.

The extra-long battery life really impressed us, offering up to 80 hours of music with the volume set to 60% with ANC mode off, and up to 60 hours with ANC on. For phone calls, the Supsoo B131 headphones last an astounding 60 hours with 80% volume.

We kept them topped up with battery power by using the headphone’s fast charging feature, which took less than two hours to replenish the battery.

Supsoo headphones in use

(Image credit: Supsoo)


Pairing up the Supsoo B131 headphones to your smartphone is incredibly quick and easy, and with Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, the Supsoo B131 headphones offer stunning sound quality thanks to a range of supported codecs for pristine audio - and with a range of up to 32 ft (10m), you’ve got supreme flexibility.

You can also connect the Supsoo B131 headphones to two devices at once. Just pair it up to your first device, such as a smartphone, then disconnect and pair your second device (such as a tablet) to the B131 and play music. When you reconnect your first device, both devices will be paired, and you can quickly switch back and forth between devices and media.

Supsoo headphones in use

(Image credit: Supsoo)


We listened to a wide range of music on the Supsoo B131 headphones, and the quality was clear and punchy.

If you like your music with big bass and driving drums, you’ll love these headphones, thanks to their large 40mm speakers and frequency response of 20Hz - 20kHz, which offer good sound for a variety of musical genres.

There’s a lot of bass in these headphones, however, so they are best suited to music that really likes deep, booming, frequencies. For more delicate tastes, these may not be for you, but for Drum & Bass, heavy metal and similar genres that really put your woofers to the test, these headphones are great.

Higher frequencies are handled clearly, and thanks to their low impedance, they’ll sound great without having to tax your devices.


We were really impressed with the performance and comfort of the Supsoo B131 headphones., and if you want punchy sound quality and remarkable noise cancelling, you can buy the Supsoo B131 headphones for $239 from Amazon or direct from Supsoo’s website

With Amazon Prime Day just around the corner, expect some great deals on these fantastic cans.