Protect All Your Smart Devices with a Single Security Solution

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The modern smart home is filled with smart devices that connect to the internet and make our lives easier. Not just computers and smartphones need protection from online threats – anything with an internet connection requires security.

In fact, because antivirus solutions have become so effective over the years, threat actors are avoiding them and instead probing for other weak spots to gain access to your private information. Those spots are often the smart devices that many people mistakenly assume pose no risk.

Any appliance with an internet connection, such as a smart fridge, camera or TV, is open to attacks, as online nasties often view them as the weakest link. They would rather target them than your protected laptop.

This may sound worrying, especially if you have loads of smart devices in your home. The good news is you can protect your smart home with the very same suite of tools that protect your computer.

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Five devices, one subscription

Bitdefender Total Security protects up to five devices from every cyber threat out there, including malware, fraud, identity theft, zero-day exploits, social engineering attacks (like phishing), and more. 

It covers all the major operating systems, so you’re equally protected on Windows, macOS, Android and iOS.

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Wearables covered

Bitdefender Total Security features WearON, which brings mobile security to your smartwatch. As many of us use wearables for payment, it’s become increasingly important to secure our smartwatches as well. 

As a bonus, WearON also alerts you to your phone’s location and warns you if you move too far from it.

App Anomaly Detection – an industry first

Bitdefender Total Security now features a unique tool known as App Anomaly Detection. An industry first, App Anomaly Detection provides an extra layer of security by proactively scanning for suspicious behavior of apps, protecting you as soon as any potential threat is detected.

This is great for protecting Android-based smart home devices, including niche gizmos that might not seem a security hazard.

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Scam Alert

More gadgets in our homes mean more notifications, and with more mobile attacks relying on links to penetrate your device, Bitdefender’s Scam Alert feature protects you by detecting potential scams and hacker attacks right in your notifications, texts, and instant messages.

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Wi-Fi Security Advisor

With so many devices using your Wi-Fi network to connect to the internet, it’s important to make sure that your wireless network is safe.

Bitdefender Total Security comes with Wi-Fi Security Advisor, which lets you assess the security of your Wi-Fi network, as well as your router – the gateway all your smart home devices use to connect to the internet. If you secure your router, you’re essentially deadbolting the main route threat actors use to break into your home devices.

Account Privacy

The Account Privacy tool included with Bitdefender Total Security lets you check for any compromised online accounts and notifies you if any of your data has been placed at risk.

Bitdefender Central

And with the Bitdefender Central web interface, you can scan your network for weak spots, and get support and updates around the clock.

With our homes welcoming new internet-connected devices every year, it’s more important than ever to deploy a universal security tool capable of protecting not just our laptops, but each and every smart device in our households.