Never Be Stranded Again with TOPDON V2200 Plus

topdon v2200 plus
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Your car is one of the most important things you own, and when you’re in a hurry the last thing you want to have to deal with is an unexpected breakdown. Whether it’s a dead battery at home or something out on the road, it pays to have a partner waiting in the wings to get you back on the road. A partner like the TOPDON V2200Plus.

The TOPDON V2200Plus is a 2-in-1 jump pack that has enough reserve energy to jump-start your car 35 times on a single charge. So if you ever get back to your car and find the engine won’t start, you’re safe in the knowledge that the V2200Plus is waiting in the glove box ready to get you moving again.

But this jump pack isn’t a one trick pony, it’s also capable of doing so much more to both aid you in emergency situations and help keep your car’s battery in tip-top shape.

Paring the TOPDON V2200Plus to a companion app via Bluetooth lets you perform detailed battery tests. That way you know what condition your battery is in ahead of time, helping you figure out when to replace it and avoid any nasty surprises when you’re in a hurry to get where you need to be. 

The 16,000 mAh battery pack isn’t just useful for jump starting your car battery either. The TOPDON V2200Plus also doubles as a USB power bank, erasing the anxiety of potentially having your phone die on you in an unfortunate situation. Because the only thing worse than a dead car battery is not being able to call for help. Thankfully that amount of reserve power will be enough to jump start your car, fully charge your phone and have power to spare.

topdon v2200 plus

(Image credit: TopDon)

Some of that power can be put to good use with the V2200Plus’s flashlight. The built-in LEDs offer 300 lumens of brightness, which is perfect for peering into the depths under your front hood or lighting up a path to help you safely navigate the darkness. But if you’d rather stay put, you can use the SOS and strobe modes to signal for help or grab attention from passer's by.

To top it all off the TOPDON V2200Plus has six advanced safety features to protect you from a number of electrical hazards. Drop, dust and water resistance are also there to keep the pack safe from the elements — meaning you’ve got help no matter what the conditions are like.

The TOPDON V2200Plus is more than just a device that lives in your glove box. It’s the perfect on-the-road companion, capable of ensuring your car and your gadgets are kept running when you need them the most. Not to mention the fact it can predict problems ahead of time, and ensure you never end up in that sort of mess in the first place. So if you’re heading out onto the road, make sure you’ve packed the TOPDON V2200Plus to ride along with you.

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