Give budding podcasters the perfect gift with Vocaster

Lifestyle images of Vocaster hardware being used in a studio for podcasting
(Image credit: Focusrite)

Podcasting has revolutionized the broadcasting industry, allowing pretty much anyone to create their own shows and connect with audiences. If you’re keen to get started making your own podcast - or you know someone who - then the Vocastor range is the perfect way to kick start your hobby by offering everything you need straight out of the box.

Even better, you can currently get up to 20% off the Vocaster range from November 22 to December 31 if you buy from Amazon or the Focusrite webstore.

If you’re after studio-quality sound in a matter of seconds, then the Vocaster One will be for you. This easy-to-use interface allows solo content creators to start making great sounding podcasts almost instantly. Just plug it into your PC, attach a microphone (including any high-end XLR mic) and get recording. You can set levels and enhance your audio with a single click, making your podcasts sound slick and professional with the minimum of effort.

You can even connect your phone to add audio and music to your show, while camera connectivity is ideal for streamers and vloggers who want the very best audio quality to accompany their videos.

If you’re not sure where to start, the Easy Start tool will help you get on air with your first broadcast in minutes.

If your podcast ambitions include guests or cohosts, then the Vocaster Two will be ideal, offering all the great features and easy-of-use of the Vocaster One, but with the ability to plug in two microphones and two headphones at once, and you can easily set the mix between inputs while you broadcast.

Lifestyle images of Vocaster hardware being used in a studio for podcasting

(Image credit: Focusrite)

Included features 

Both the Vocaster One and Vocaster Two offer broadcast-quality sound, with Auto Gain allowing you to set levels in seconds. Meanwhile, the Enhance feature offers three presets that allow you to quickly apply settings to make your voice sound as clear as possible.

A mute button allows you to quickly cut out any coughs or sneezes, and Bluetooth support lets you wirelessly stream audio from your smartphone.

Once you get more confident, you can use the Stereo Loopback feature to add audio from your computer to create intros, jingles and more. Meanwhile, the Vocaster Hub software allows you to fine tune your podcasts on your computer.

Both the Vocaster One and Vocaster Two connect to your computer via USB, and that also powers the devices, so you don’t have to worry about plugging in extra power cables - so you can set up and broadcast wherever and whenever inspiration strikes.

You also get three years of warranty and award-winning customer support for complete peace of mind.

Lifestyle images of Vocaster hardware being used in a studio for podcasting

(Image credit: Focusrite)

Everything you need to get started 

Bundled with Vocaster One and Vocaster Two are all the software tools you’ll need, including Hindenburg Lite (and six months of Hindenburg Pro), along with three months of SquadCast Pro + Video, and six months of Acast Influencer.

Want a complete studio setup straight out of the box? The Vocaster One Studio and Vocaster Two Studio bundles have you covered. As well has including the interfaces, they also include a high-end Vocaster DM14v microphone, 3m XLR cable and HP60v headphones. Along with the included software, this gives every beginner podcaster everything they need to start broadcasting straight away.

Lifestyle images of Vocaster hardware being used in a studio for podcasting

(Image credit: Focusrite)

Good for your bank account, great for the planet 

Thanks to holiday discounts, the Vocaster range is more affordable than ever. In the US, you can get $40 off the Vocaster One - now $159.99 (usually $199.99).

For the Vocaster Two, there’s a $50 discount - now $249.99 (usually $299.99).

The Studio bundles also get price cuts, with $50 off the Vocaster One Studio - now $249.99 (usually $299.99), and $50 off the Vocaster Two - now $449.99 (usually $499.99).

In the UK, there are big savings to be had as well, with the Vocaster One now £149.99 (usually £189.99) and the Vocaster Two now £229.99 (usually £289.99).

If you want the Studio bundles, until December 31 the Vocaster One Studio is £239.99 (usually £289.99) and the Vocaster Two Studio is £399.99 (usually £469.99),

These offers are available at and Amazon.

Focusrite has also worked hard to ensure that the environmental impact of its Vocaster products are minimized thanks to carefully chosen components and biodegradable and recyclable packaging. Over half of the plastics used are from recycled sources as well.