Elevate your holiday celebration with a dazzling but effortless light show

Govee smart lights
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We’ve all seen Christmas movies with houses decorated from roof to basement in stunning holiday light displays. New videos take over social media of elaborate light shows perfectly executed across a neighborhood each year. Setting up one of these incredible displays used to be a labor of love, requiring you to use expensive equipment and have the know-how to code a pixel controller. Even just finding lighting components that work together well can be difficult, as there have been few options for unified lighting solutions. You may even think you need to find a professional to create your installation for you.

It doesn’t have to be that complicated, though. Govee may be known for its product line of exceptional RGB lighting solutions most commonly found in game rooms and TV backlights, but Christmas lights and gaming lights surprisingly have a lot in common. This year, Govee launched several holiday lights that can light up your house both inside and out. With a series of cohesive products from Govee, you, too, can put on a holiday light show that will be the talk of the town. 

Deck the halls with Govee

RGBIC smart Christmas lights from Govee

(Image credit: Govee)

Govee’s lighting solutions are consumer-friendly and affordable, giving you the creative freedom to create impressive holiday displays in your own home with just a few taps on your smartphone. The RGBIC smart Christmas lights from Govee are available in 33 or 66-foot-long options and are designed with Govee’s Uni-IC control technology so that each LED bead can be independently controlled with a color gamut of 16 million to choose from. The LEDs can be further customized with a variety of flowing light effects, including your choice of 99+ dynamic scene modes, which can be activated using Govee’s Dreamview app.

The RGBIC smart Christmas lights from Govee can also be intertwined with your favorite Christmas garlands, or as a rope light to create your own DIY designs for walls.  While these rope lights are a great indoor solution, they’re also IP65-rated waterproof and rated to work in cold temperatures down to -20° C. It’s perfectly safe to integrate them into your exterior lighting display, as well. The light rope is made from durable materials with a 20000-hour life cycle for each lamp bead. You can purchase the RGBIC smart Christmas Lights from Amazon or directly from Govee.

Light up the night this holiday season

Taking your holiday light show outdoors can be quick and easy with Govee. You don’t need to hire a professional programmer when you can pair Govee’s Permanent Outdoor Lights Pro with its Outdoor Lights Show Box and Curtain lights to create a holiday show. It can be controlled from the Govee Dreamview app with just a couple of quick taps. In a video, YouTube creator Chris Maher shows how he paired these products together to easily create a stunning light show on the exterior of his home.

The Permanent Outdoor Lights Pro from Govee is 200 feet in length and includes 120 RGBIC LED lights with all-new anti-glare lens designs, making it even easier to see triangular lighting effects in your light show. Govee makes it easy for you to cut or extend your lighting by including the necessary tools and providing useful guidance in the included user manual.  Govee also includes VHB glue and clips to make installing the lights so quick, you can hang each light in under 8 seconds.

Weather is no issue for the Permanent Outdoor Lights Pro as they are rated IP67 with a waterproof IP65-rated control box. The lights are rated for temperatures ranging from -4° F to 140° F, and made of anti-UV material, so you can leave them up year-round guilt-free for 50,000 hours. Each LED bead produces up to 50 lm, and you can choose the color temperatures from 2700K to 6500K within the Dreamview app. You can purchase the Permanent Outdoor Lights Pro from Amazon or the Govee website.

RGBIC smart Christmas lights from Govee

(Image credit: Govee)

The Permanent Outdoor Lights Pro can be paired with the Govee Curtain Lights to add another flair to your light show, similar to what is seen in Maher’s video. The Govee Curtain Lights are smart color-changing strings of LEDs in a trendy and versatile curtain arrangement. The curtain lights are 5 x 6.6 feet and contain 520 light beads each, though 3 sets of curtains can be synced together using the Dreamview app. Govee Curtain Lights are IP65 waterproof for outdoor usage and feature an enhanced music mode along with 107 dynamic scenes. Govee Curtain lights are available on Amazon or direct from Govee.

Once you’ve put together your light display using the Permanent Outdoor Lights Pro and the Govee Curtain Lights, you can use Govee’s Outdoor Light Show Box to sync up to 10 devices together. The Light Show Box includes 22 music modes and 18 scene modes and connects your lights via bluetooth to the Govee Home app, providing coverage up to 100ft. It's rated IP65 waterproof and suitable for weather ranging from 14 °F to 113 °F (-10 °C-45°C). The Govee Light Show box is available from Govee.com or Amazon.

Find more Govee holiday lighting solutions to make your season bright at Govee.com and Amazon.