Anycubic’s latest resin printer brings 12K, leveling free 3D printing to the consumer market

Photon Mono M5s
(Image credit: Anycubic)

Despite a relatively intense learning curve for 3D printing, the hobby has taken hold among creatives and driven manufactures of 3D printers to continually improve their offerings when it comes to high quality consumer-grade printers that don’t break the bank. The Photon Mono M5s is the first consumer grade leveling-free 12k resin printer from Anycubic, offering a feature rich resin printing experience that is geared toward professionals while still friendly enough for beginners by providing precise, accurate and high quality prints at an affordable price point. 

In a first for desktop 3D printers, the Photon Mono M5s features a 10.1 inch monochrome LCD screen at 12K resolution to create incredibly clear and well defined details that are as small as a strand of hair.  Perfectionists can rejoice as the pinpoint precision accuracy of the Photon Mono M5S allows for even the most microscopic details to shine in your creations. 

Photon Mono M5s sample print

(Image credit: Anycubic)

Anycubic’s Photon Mono M5s is the first consumer grade resin printer to be leveling-free. 

Thanks to an adoption of mechanical sensors that can detect and adjust the fit between the print platform and floating leveling module, The Photon Mono M5s nearly eliminates one of the most common causes for failed 3D prints. “Leveling is a common and sometimes tricky step when using resin printer,” said James Ouyang, Vice President of Anycubic.“To make the printing experience even user-friendlier and hassle-free, in a consumer-grade resin printer, we managed to add on the leveling-free solution.”

Anycubic has simultaneously released a High Speed Resin product that is compatible with the Photon Mono M5s and tailored to the printer’s 3rd Gen release film to further cut print times. When coupled with High Speed Resin and Anycubic’s Photon Workshop 3.1 software the Photon Mono M5s can hit print speeds of up to 105mm/h. The Photon Mono M5s is also compatible with a variety of other Anycubic resin products, including the Craftsman Resin which is formulated to help bring out the most detail in your carefully created designs. Anycubic's specially developed high-speed resin's low viscosity contributes to the reduction of exposure and curing time. Moreover, Photon Mono M5s's optimized motion control feature smoothens the lifting and lowering motion, making the print speed faster.

The Photon Mono M5s features resin detection technology to determine if there is a sufficient amount of resin in the vat to meet the project requirements before it begins printing in order to limit product waste and other print errors. Furthermore, the Photon Mono M5s is capable of self monitoring and project analysis, and can offer dynamic information pertaining to your print in order to provide solutions for why a print has failed or produced an error. With the 4.3-inch touchscreen, users can also monitor the results of the printer’s self check system wherein The Photon Mono M5s monitors the printing process for mechanical and operation errors. This allows the system to provide feedback during the print as well as support for potential hardware issues.

Anycubic’s Photon Mono M5s will be available for early bird purchases at a special launch price of $399 in the US and €399 in Europe, however the early bird sale price will only last for 3 days. Users can visit the official Anycubic Store and subscribe to get notified when they are available to purchase. Early bird customers even have the chance to win free STLs as gifts!