Honor’s Magic V foldable shows how good it is at building phones

HONOR Magic 50 phone being assembled
(Image credit: HONOR)

In the increasingly crowded field of smartphones, manufacturers are continually searching for ways to differentiate themselves and their products from the rest of the competition. While some companies look to fancy gimmicks or high-energy marketing, HONOR chooses to rely on its industry-leading hardware.

HONOR has spent years crafting and perfecting its design and manufacturing capabilities so it can quickly and independently create world leading devices with cutting edge features. 

The company’s new Magic V foldable phone is a prime example of this. Years of  in-depth R&D combined with its advanced manufacturing capabilities delivered a phone with a design that sets it apart from other folding phones. For starters, the display opens up to an extra wide 7.9” display and thanks to the industry-leading waterdrop hinge, there is absolutely no crease when the phone is folded and it’s able to lay perfectly flat when unfolded, all while maintaining perfect symmetry. 

What’s even more impressive is that the phone is barely over 14 mm thick when folded making it one of the lightest folding phones on the market. But that doesn’t mean that it compromises on durability. HONOR has combined zirconium-base liquid metal, a high-strength titanium alloy, and carbon fiber to create an extremely lightweight yet durable frame. 

All of this is made possible by HONOR’s commitment to going above and beyond the standards to create products that are truly excellent. 

Creating premium products that go beyond industry standards

After a thorough review of industry standards, certification standards and operator requirements, HONOR created its own quality standards to meet the range of international policies around the world. The company has over 600 quality standards, covering design, development, materials, manufacturing and user experience. 

The HONOR Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park has industry-leading laboratories, including a reliability laboratory, regulatory laboratory and environmental protection laboratory. This combination of laboratories covers both material and product controls.

Managing end-to-end quality control with the power of automation and intelligence 

Automation reduces the variation and defects caused by human errors resulting in greater consistency in quality. HONOR’s Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park is equipped with industry-leading high precision automatic manufacturing technology, including an automatic precision assembly machine (for installing the 89° Super Curved Display used in HONOR smartphones) that can achieve assembly precision of up to 75 microns (about a hair’s diameter).

HONOR sets itself apart with a strong commitment to cutting-edge manufacturing that is efficient, high-quality, and conscious of the environment. And the numbers speak for themselves. 

They are able to complete a phone on average every 28.5 seconds by working with over 1100 global industry partners to enhance their own production methods and materials. They have over 100 innovation labs around the world that focus on key areas of technology and innovation including camera technology, reliability and sustainability, and advanced telecommunications. 

HONOR knows that quality is what customers want when purchasing new devices and are tirelessly committed to designing the best phones possible. While other companies rely on gimmicks and marketing to sell phones, HONOR relies on its industry-leading design and manufacturing to produce phones with unmatched quality.