Sony’s ULT Power Sound Series offers an unbeatable audio experience

Sony ULT range
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If you’re obsessed with getting a powerful bassline, then you’ll want Sony’s ULT Power Sound Series of speakers and headphones. The range – consisting of ULT Wear headphones, portable Bluetooth speaker ULT Field 1, portable party speaker ULT Field 7 and tower party speaker ULT Field 10 – delivers unwavering energy, massive resonating bass and crystal clear detail, even at maximum volume. 

Whether you’ve got your ULT Wear headphones on or are partying outside with a ULT Field 7 portable party speaker, you’ll be able to feel the sound pressure erupt, and hear lyrics beautifully clearly, as if you were in the recording booth. 

Here’s more about the range…

ULT Wear 

A man wearing the Sony ULT Wear over-ear headphones

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With ULT Wear headphones, you can take the ULT Power Sound experience with you wherever you go. These impressive cans feature huge, powerful bass, incredible clarity and top-notch noise cancelling technology, so you can immerse yourself in your listening experience. 

There are two unique sound settings to choose from: Deep Bass, which adds resonating depth to lower frequency sounds, and Attack Bass, which adds extra drive and energy to your music. As well as Noise Cancelling mode, there’s also Ambient Sound mode, so you can choose exactly how much of the outside world gets in, wherever and wherever you are.

These modes don’t drain the battery, either. Even with noise cancelling on, your music will last for a full 30 hours. And since ULT Wear are so comfy, you’ll want to wear them all day too – you can sit back and settle into your longest playlist without the need to adjust your cans.

Hands-free calls are also easy to make and perfectly clear, even when you’re in a noisy environment. And with Multipoint Connection, you can connect ULT Wear to two devices simultaneously. That means that if you’re listening to music on your tablet and get a call on your phone, the sound switches over automatically, with no need to push a button. 

With unprecedented power and stunning detail, ULT Wear delivers the ULT Power Sound experience, ideal for bass obsessives. 

ULT Field 1 

Sony ULT speaker family

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The ULT Field 1 is the most compact and portable speaker in the ULT Power Sound range. Small yet mighty, the ULT Field 1 has a powerful woofer, a high-quality tweeter and two passive radiators that combine to create huge, impactful sound – far better than you’d expect from such a small device.

For the ultimate ULT Field 1 experience, press the ULT button to hear the ULT Power Sound difference. You get extra bass, adding more depth and resonance to the lower frequencies and an increase in sound pressure, adding more energy and volume to the music. It’s an astounding audio performance from such a small speaker.

The ULT Field 1 has an IP67 rating and is waterproof, dustproof, rustproof, and even shockproof, meaning you can use it in just about any situation or location without worrying it’ll get damaged. It’s easily portable too, as it’s so small it can fit in almost any bag, though there’s an adjustable strap if you want to carry it with you. The ULT Field 1 can also be placed either horizontally or vertically, meaning there is no limit as to where you can play it, with incredible performance guaranteed, wherever you are. 

The ULT Field 1 has a 12-hour battery life, so you can keep the party going all day and all night long. It can also be used as a speaker phone for hands-free calls, and you can even pair it with a matching speaker to work as a single audio system (with one speaker acting as the left channel and the other as the right). Pairing the ULT Field 1 is easy too, as it has Fast Pair technology, enabling you and your friends to quickly pair with it and start enjoying your music.

ULT Field 7

Sony ULT Field 7 carried in the hand

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The ULT Field 7 is a portable, highly durable ULT Power Sound speaker, which delivers superior sound pressure, deep, earthy bass and crystal-clear detail, whether you’re at home or on the move. 

A push of the button gets you two ULT sound modes: Deep Bass, which adds resonating depth to lower frequencies, and Attack Bass, which brings drive and energy to the sound. There’s also multi-colored LED lighting that automatically syncs with your music, setting the mood of any gathering. 

And that’s not all. You can plug in a mic to speak to the room, enjoy some karaoke or even plug in a guitar to use the ULT Field 7 as an amp. 

With an incredible 30-hour battery life, the fun can last all day and night, and as the ULT Field 7 is waterproof, dustproof and rustproof, it’s ideal for outdoor use, too.  

With Multipoint Connection, the ULT Field 7 can connect to two Bluetooth devices at once and easily switch between the two, meaning you won’t have to keep unpairing and pairing to share your music. The Party Connect feature also offers something extra special – you can pair the ULT Field 7 with up to 100 compatible Bluetooth speakers to synchronise the sound and lights, for one unified, seriously impressive sound system.

With stunningly powerful sound, massive resonating bass, and crystal-clear detail, the ULT FIELD 7 is the ultimate portable speaker for power sound obsessives.

ULT Tower 10

Sony ULT Tower 10

(Image credit: Sony)

If you want something to get the floor-shaking, the ULT Tower 10 could be for you — it delivers incredible sound pressure and powerful, deep sound designed to get your heart pumping. 

Like the ULT Field 7, it has two ULT sound modes available at the push of a button. There’s Deep Bass, which adds resonating depth to the lower frequencies, and Attack Bass, offering jaw-dropping drive and energy. 

The ULT Tower 10 spreads out your sound in 360 degrees – with enormous forward-facing speakers offering astonishing volume and sound pressure, while multiple tweeters surrounding the speaker add detail and clarity. This wide-spreading, impactful audio combines with 360-degree lighting that automatically pairs with the music, so you get an exciting audio-visual experience from any angle. 

A high-quality wireless mic is included, so you can speak to your audience or do some karaoke, and you can plug in a second mic if needed. There’s even the option to plug in your guitar and use the ULT Tower 10 as an amp.

The ULT Tower 10 isn’t just good for music either, you can connect it to almost any TV for an incredible home cinema audio experience without a soundbar. It also connects to other compatible Sony speakers, where it syncs the sound and lighting to create one powerful sound system.   

With its floor-shaking sound pressure and room-filling bass, once you’ve used the ULT Tower 10 once, you’ll be utterly addicted.

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