Katie Mortram

Katie Mortram

Homes Editor

Katie looks after everything homes-related, from kitchen appliances, to laundry products, to gardening tools. She also covers smart home technology, so is the best point of contact for any product recommendations around the home! She has tested and reviewed kitchen appliances for over 6 years, having previously worked for the Good Housekeeping Institute as a Product Tester and the Manager of the Homes department. 

Consequently, she has extensive experience in developing testing protocols as well as a knowledgeable background in her field. She specializes in MDAs, such as washing machines and dishwashers, but she also has a passion for sustainability and eco-friendly solutions. As a result, she’s constantly giving advice on ways to reduce energy as well as water consumption around the home.

In her time at Tom’s Guide, she has also compiled countless ‘how to clean’ features, and her home is immaculate as a result. If you need advice on stain removal, or want to remove limescale from your shower door, she’s got you covered. Katie has tested all kinds of appliances in her home, including electric kettles, coffee machines and robot vacuums to name a few, so she knows the difference between a satisfactory performance and a quality product. Her aim is to help every consumer find the best product to suit their circumstances, whatever the budget and preferences.    

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