Garmin’s Forerunner 265 and 965 will help you smash your running goals

The Garmin Forerunner 265 and the Forerunner 965 are two great Garmin running watches to own, whether you’re preparing to tackle your first race or trying to run your fastest one yet.

Both are packed with features, many of which you won’t find on other running watches, that  make the 965 and 265 handy training companions. In this video, we’ll take a closer look at how the Garmin Forerunner 965 and Forerunner 265 can elevate your training.

Those watches do have to look and feel great to wear when you’re on the move and both watches comfortably tick those boxes. That starts with the bright, vibrant AMOLED displays you’ll find on both to make sure it’s easy to see your running stats at night and running in brighter outdoor light. Each watch also features an intuitive and familiar Garmin five-button design, including a larger start/stop button to make it nice and easy to start or pause your run when you need to review your stats mid-run.

The battery life on the Forerunner 265 and the Forerunner 965 will keep running just like you - the Forerunner 265 lasts up to 13 days in smartwatch mode, while the Forerunner 965 goes further and lasts up to 23 days in the same smartwatch mode, giving you plenty of running time before it’s time to charge up.

There’s standout features like multiband GPS to accurately track your outdoor runs, heart rate monitoring to make sure you’re putting in your best efforts and there’s sleep tracking so you can check you’re putting in the good recovery time too. There are a host of advanced training tools at your disposal so you can keep a close eye on how much you’re training, have a better sense of whether you’re in good shape for the big race day and even better strategise when you step onto that start line.

If you don’t know where to start with training, Garmin can help there too, with both the Forerunner 265 and 965 offering free training plans you can download and send to your watch and start following them with a click of a button. You can even create a plan based on when you know that big race date.

During the training time both watches can recommend workouts that make sense based on your training history and recovery needs. Both watches also offer dedicated features like PacePro to help make sure you stick to the right pace to get you over that finish line.

When you’re not running, the Forerunner 965 and 265 keeps a close eye on data such as exercise history and your new metrics like HRV Status to help you better understand what kind of shape you're in for the day’s training schedule. Garmin’s Training Readiness scores simplify information like sleep quality, recovery and more to make it easy to understand whether you should consider taking a rest day or you’re in prime shape to run hard and long.

The Garmin Forerunner 265 and the Forerunner 965 are two feature-packed watches that look great, feel great and will be there to help you run, race and recover smarter.