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How to Get Into the Battlefield 1 Beta

Battlefield 1 isn't hitting stores until Oct. 21, but it's only a matter of hours until you'll get to try the game's massive World War 1 battles for yourself. The open beta for EA"s highly anticipated first-person shooter opens to all players on Aug. 31 on PC, Xbox One and PS4, though a few lucky gamers will get to play it even earlier.

If you signed up for Battlefield's Insider program before Aug. 21 and selected your platform of choice, you should be getting a code that will let you play on Aug. 30. Everyone else can simply search for and download the beta from your console or PC starting on Aug. 31. The Battlefield 1 open beta will be available on EA's Origin client for PC gamers, while PS4 and Xbox One owners will be able to nab it from the PlayStation or Xbox store, respectively.

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The beta will feature the Sinai Desert map, a sandy arena that will let you do battle on foot, in a vehicle, in the air and on horseback (yep, you read that right). It looks like the game's dynamic weather will let you find cover in the dusty winds, and there's even a huge armored train that can roll through the desert and all but wipe out the opposing team.

Photo: EA

Photo: EA

You'll get to try out two modes in the Battlefield 1 beta: Conquest and Rush. The former is classic Battlefield, allowing up to 64 players to battle for control over key points on the map. The new, 24-player Rush mode is more compact, with an attacking team tasked with leading an artillery strike on a defending team.

It sounds a bit like Star Wars Battlefront's Walker Assault mode, which had the Rebel team desperately try to destroy Imperial outposts in order to lead an airstrike on its AT-ATs. No big surprise there, as both games are made by DICE.

When I played Battlefield 1 back at this year's E3, I was blown away by the sheer scale of it, and the game only looks better with every new teaser. We look forward to diving into the Sinai Desert and riding lots and lots of horses this weekend while we eagerly await the game's Oct. 21 release date.