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Yahoogle! Deal Ditched Hours Before DOJ Could Cry Antitrust

According to ComputerWorld, Sanford Litvack, the attorney who was to act as lead counsel on the antitrust case said in a recent interview that the two companies decided to walk away from the partnership shortly after Department of Justice officials informed them of the plans to file an antitrust complaint.

The Google-Yahoo! deal had been under investigation for months but the two insisted there was no problem with the agreement that had been drawn up and said they would go ahead with it no matter what the Department of Justice said. Google said that the deal was specifically designed to meet government standards. CEO, Eric Schmidt, even went on to say Microsoft was the one pushing the antitrust issue.

Schmidt told reporters back in September that the company believes that a lot of the drama surrounding the antitrust investigation stems from Microsoft, which was apparently “busy helping everyone get upset about these things.” ComputerWorld reports that Litvack also admitted Microsoft (among others) lobbied the department to block the deal, but said that the efforts had no influence on his decision to recommend that DOJ block the deal.

Read the full story on ComputerWorld.

  • hellwig
    Who gives a crap about online ads? Online ads are not consumer goods, so who cares how many firms there are selling ads, or who deals with who? The governments role is supposed to protect the people from corporate greed, not greedy corporations from other greedy corporations. Quite frankly, if there were fewer online advertisers, it would be easier for me to block annoying ads. It's not like I ever click those ads anyway. I don't see the value of a dancing space alien telling me to refinance my non-existant mortgage.
  • Yahoogle? Goohoo sounds better!
  • Tindytim
    Google > feces > Yahoo

    Now that I got that out of the way, I agree with hellwig. But then again, if the government did that, they would be way to efficient, and have to spend/use less money.

    And as for the name "Google>Yahoo", is the best in my opinion. It has both names, while still showing who's on top.