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Samsung Curved Monitors Tout Rich Displays, Natural Immersion

Samsung seems dedicated to a future devoid of flat displays, and the company’s slick new curved monitors are further proof of that. The Korean hardware giant is launching a pair of super-wide, subtly curved monitors early this year, each of which offer crisp picture and a range of entertainment uses.

I got some eyes-on time with Samsung’s 34-inch SE790C model, which launches on Jan. 6 in limited quantities with a wider release to follow. When looking at a slideshow of various cityscapes on the monitor’s 3440 x 1440 WQHD display, I was struck by both the colorful and detailed picture quality as well as the massive 178-degree field-of-view offered by the screen’s 32-inch width.

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Packing a curvature of 3,000R, Samsung’s new monitor is designed around the natural curve of the human eye. As such, I found the monitor’s subtle curve to be unobtrusive, and yet still immersive enough to stand out from flat displays.

The SE790C sports a DisplayPort and two HDMI ports for any PC, gaming console or set-top box you want to attach to it, as well as five USB ports for streaming sticks and accessories. Multitaskers can utilize the monitor’s PBP mode to split the screen in half and display content from the DisplayPort and HDMI port at once, and gamers can take advantage of Game Mode to automatically optimize graphics settings for their favorite titles.

Launching Jan. 6 for $1,199, the SE790C seems like a good fit for those willing to pay a premium to do a mix of gaming and multitasking on a rich, immersive display. In March, Samsung will release a 28-inch variation, which sports a sharper 4K display with the ability to upscale content to ultra HD.