The future of smart homes is here - and there are no apps required

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There's an app for that.

What used to be a catchy marketing slogan instead now tends to evoke feelings of frustration and dread. Thanks to the Internet of Things, we're in the midst of a smart home revolution, with connected devices of all stripes positioned to make our lives both easier and more efficient. Unfortunately, there's just one problem.

Somewhere along the way, no one really stopped to explain to IoT vendors why interoperability is important. That no, you don't need to spend ten minutes registering for an account simply to use a light bulb. That just because they can develop an app for their product, doesn't mean they should.  

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And so we now live in a world where every single brand of smart home device has its own companion software. Where an act as simple as plugging in a new coffee machine can have you fumbling with an instruction manual and configuring a new smartphone app when all you want is a cup of coffee. This isn't how the future should look. 

And that's why earlier this year, leading smart home solution provider BroadLink debuted NoApp. This revolutionary new technology allows new wireless smart home devices to be configured and brought online in a minute or less. How it works is simple. 

Broadlink NoApp Explanation

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When it's first powered up, each BroadLink NoApp device acts as its own wireless access point. All you have to do is connect to the device via the network it's broadcasting, enter your WiFi network details, and you're ready to go. Better yet, as part of this process you can connect your new device to either Amazon Alexa or Google Home, integrating it into your existing smart home hub with total ease. 

NoApp is currently available in BroadLink's 4th-generation smart devices. As noted by co-founder and COO Jack Yao, other device manufacturers and retailers have also expressed interest in the technology. This means that, at some point in the future, we could be looking at an entire generation of smart devices that are effectively 'plug and play,' controllable entirely through the apps that we already prefer to use.

That's the kind of future we can all get excited about. 

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