Timekettle’s translator devices can revolutionize the way we communicate at work, at school, and across the globe

Timekettle Fluentalk T1 translation device
(Image credit: Timekettle)

Internet connectivity has brought people from all around the world closer together. Global travel is more widely available, and multilingual families are increasingly common. However, language remains a constant barrier for many people. The latest in devices from the award-winning translation solution provider Timekettle aim to revolutionize the way people can communicate with one another by creating handheld and in-ear solutions for real time language translation.

The Power of Timekettle’s Devices

Advances in technology have made digital translators a must have for frequent travelers. Timekettle offered its first handheld in 2022 with the Fluentalk T1 Translator Device. Powered by Timekettle’s Streaming ASR Technology the Fluentalk T1 translator Device allows you to speak freely with anyone regardless of their language. The T1 translator device picks up and processes speech from 40 languages and 93 accents when connected to online voice translation services, or 13 pairs of languages while in offline mode. Those languages are then translated, and the text is displayed across the screen like subtitles.  

Timekettle Fluentalk T1 translation device in use

(Image credit: Timekettle)

The Fluentalk T1 translator device is a lightweight and compact device that is about the size of a credit card, making it easy to hold and use while in conversation. The quad-core CPU is capable of processing translations quickly and accurately. An 8MP rear camera adds to the T1’s translation capabilities as important information like business documents, street signs, and menus can be translated via photograph in 39 different languages. The T1 can also serve as a useful all in one travel device with its built-in world clock and up-to-the-minute currency exchange rates. 

A handheld translator device may not always be ideal for every scenario, however. In the case of a business meeting or presentation a more hands free approach may be desired. Timekettle unveiled its HybridComm technology at CES 2023, cutting edge translation technology that is capable of processing and interpreting speech simultaneously with the support of AI. Timekettle’s WT2 Edge translator earbuds are the first to utilize this brand-new tech in hopes of providing fluent cross-language communication that can be hands free.

Timekettle’s HybridComm tech uses vector noise reduction technology to determine the sound source, ensuring their products can detect and record the user’s voices clearly without being distorted by ambient white noise in the area. Their voice recognition algorithm then automatically breaks down sentences to ensure they are translated logically. With the support of AI training, Timekettle can ensure its devices only pick up human voices so that translation results are more accurate with use. Timekettle is the first and only company to combine voice recognition and AI translation with a Bluetooth device, effectively changing the way people can communicate across language barriers to be up to 200% more efficient and fluent.

Seamless multilingual conversations 

Timekettle WT2 Edge translator earbuds at use in a meeting

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The WT2 Edge translator earbuds allow two or more people to simultaneously listen and speak during a conversation with accurate language translation. The delay of speaking and then pausing while waiting for a translation becomes unnecessary, allowing your conversations to feel more fluent and natural. This can be particularly beneficial for multilingual families who are trying to bridge generational gaps and language barriers alike by improving communication. 

Timekettle’s WT2 Edge earbuds have also been used in school settings to help multicultural students overcome the challenges of learning English as a second language. With their ability to translate up to 40 languages in 93 accents in real time, the WT2 Edge translator earbuds are helping children who immigrate to English speaking countries to perform better in the classroom without the need to lug around a handheld translator device. 

In addition to allowing simultaneous communication, the WT2 Edge translator earbuds can be adjusted into different modes for various scenarios. In Speaker mode the user can simply wear the earbuds to communicate across language barriers when paired with the Timekettle app. To do so, the conversation participants must speak directly into your phone so that the Timekettle app can translate their speech which you then hear in real time in your preferred language via the earbuds. For those who travel and need to quickly translate while asking for directions or placing an order for food, speaker mode can be an efficient way to translate real time speech without any additional tools or devices.  

Timekettle WT2 Edge in ear translator earbuds can be set to speaking or listening modes at the touch of a button.

(Image credit: Timekettle)

Listen mode can be set to automatically translate sentences into selected languages that play continuously, while a transcript of the translation history can be stored on your connected smartphone. This mode is most ideal for scenarios where the user is listening to long form speeches or in a classroom setting such as an ESL class. In the event you are in a meeting or other situation where multiple people are speaking at once, the WT2 Edge earbuds can be switched to touch mode which picks up and translates your speech which are then played back for others to hear.  

Revolutionizing the way you communicate

Since 2016 more than 300,000 users worldwide have come to rely on Timekettle’s unique and purpose driven products to improve multi language communication. It has since created multiple products to provide an efficient and accurate way to overcome language barriers across the globe with its HybridComm technology.