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Beyond iPhone: Touchy-Feely Tech


Since early 2007, we’ve been pleased to witness a profound change in the personal computer world with the debut of touch-sensitive displays. First, with the Apple iPhone, then with Microsoft’s Surface, the public has discovered that it’s now possible to control a computer with your fingers and interact with the machine in a much more “human” way than using a mouse and keyboard.

Yet, touchscreens are far from being a “new” or never-before-seen technology. The first prototypes actually appeared in the 1970s, and it’s been 10 years since anyone was surprised to see a laptop with a trackpad or an automatic kiosk that lets you purchase tickets just by touching the screen. So, why do the iPhone and Surface seem so revolutionary? And what’s in store for us in the years ahead?

  • If they want to get a cheap way to integrate "Dual Touch" for a computer, just write a driver that allows them to use dual mice.

    Most likely it wouldn't be that hard, and it would allow you to do many things that you can't with a single mouse.

  • That was a great article and it would be great to have a touch screen for PC's but only if you can use it with voice as well, This way you can get rid of the keyboard and mouse...unless they find a good way to use brainwaves but thats just a dream till probably 20 years or so I'm guessing.

    All that has to be done then is to make something better than a mouse and keyboard for gaming because I don't see first person shooters working well with a touch screen.
  • chaohsiangchen
    Not quite interested in leaving my finger prints on my monitor. There was a thing called "IBM Light Pen" a long time ago, and guess where it is now? We don't even need two mice to do the same thing. Just program it so that hitting both left and right mouse button enables dynamic zoom with mouse going up and down.

    The real next invention on human interface would be mind controller or FPS game controller that doesn't suck any more.
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