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Apple Is Killing This Beloved iPhone Feature

Apple's Touch ID fingerprint recognition tech was notably absent from the iPhone X, and it seems as though it won't be returning anytime soon.

That's according to KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who says Face ID has been serving iPhone users quite well, and Apple sees no need to add in-display fingerprint recognition to the mix through at least 2019. Kuo's findings arrive to us by way of 9to5Mac.

While Apple is universally expected to double down on 3D facial recognition and snub the fingerprint sensor in this year's round of new iPhones, Android hardware manufacturers are reportedly investing in fingerprint sensors more than ever. The new target is in-display sensing, a feature commonly referred to in the industry as Fingerprint On Display, or FOD for short.

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Kuo says FOD component sales will rise 500 percent next year, no doubt buoyed by major players like Samsung, who has long been rumored to bring the tech to the Galaxy S10.

What makes all of this interesting is that so far, Android partners haven't found a way to deliver 3D facial recognition on par with what Apple's achieved with Face ID. While many handsets these days employ a form of facial recognition for unlocking, those solutions rely on 2D images and have not been deemed secure enough to be used to authenticate payments. Many can even be spoofed with a simple photograph.

The only lone exception among Android phone makers is Oppo, whose Find X handset does use depth-aware facial recognition, but only for transactions through China's Alipay platform.

Will iPhone users miss Touch ID? Perhaps not, if Apple can convince those who have yet to take the plunge on an iPhone X that Face ID is more convenient or secure. As for those who would rather use their thumb or index finger as their password, just as they have in the past? There should be an abundance of Android phones that will satisfy their needs for the foreseeable future.

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