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Siri-ously, You Might Finally Be Able to Voice Control Spotify on Your iPhone

(Image credit: Kaspars Grinvalds/Shutterstock)

Spotify may be raising an antitrust ruckus against Apple in Europe. But that's not stopping the streaming service from trying to make beautiful music with its rival. According to The Information, Spotify is in talks with Apple to add the ability to control music playback with Siri.

With iOS 13, which is in developers' hands in beta form right now before its fall, release, Apple will open its SiriKit framework to third-party audio applications. This means that not only will music apps work with Siri, but so will podcasts and audiobooks, as long as their host platform chooses to integrate the kit. 

The reported talks between the music streaming giants may not necessarily regard smart assistant integration, but it could be a sign that Spotify and Apple are moving past a simmering feud that boiled over this spring. That was when Spotify filed a complaint with the European Commission over Apple's practices with its App Store. 

It's unclear whether Spotify still feels that Apple's being unfair or that it's backing off its criticism that Apple demands a 30% cut of any subscription charged by a third-party iOS app. In its report, The Information notes that Spotify has dropped some of the complaints it lodged against Apple on a marketing site it launched in the spring to argue its case. 

iOS 13 is expected to hit iPhones in September around the same time Apple introduces the iPhone 11. That gives developers like Spotify plenty of time to incorporate SiriKit integration into their apps.