Max Langridge

Max Langridge

Senior Editor, Tom's Guide AU

Max is a digital content writer for Tom’s Guide Australia, covering everything from internet and NBN through to home entertainment and all manner of other consumer electronics. Max certainly knows his stuff when it comes to audio visual, having started his career working for What Hi-Fi? in England. After being exposed to the sheer volume of TVs, headphones, speakers and anything else AV-related, Max now has an expert knowledge when it comes to knowing which brands perform better than others. 

Before moving to Australia in 2018, Max also spent a couple of years working for Pocket-lint, where he further honed his knowledge of consumer electronics and expanded his knowledge in other areas such as cars and smartphones. 

Once settled in Australia and realising it was a country that took its fitness more seriously than England, Max developed a passion for fitness. Not only did he learn how to better himself in the gym, but he learned how technology and wearables in particular, can prove to be beneficial assistants when pumping some iron. During this time, Max continued his writing in the men’s lifestyle space, before returning to consumer technology with Future. 

In his spare time, Max can usually be found either in the gym, trekking along some of Australia’s coastal paths or shaking some cocktails behind a bar.

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