HONOR's Magic "Sportography" captures the fast and the future

HONOR Magic6 Sportography
(Image credit: HONOR)

Sports are among the hardest things to shoot with any camera, especially smartphone cameras. Or at least, they were until HONOR developed its truly stunning "sportography". HONOR has created technology that enables you to seize and immortalise fleeting sports moments with unprecedented clarity and precision, making every shot a new personal best.

You can see the tech in action in the video below, where international elite sabre fencer Cecilia Berder shows off her incredible speed – and with his HONOR Magic6 Series, bullet time photography pioneer captures it perfectly. Berder is as fast as a bullet – and so is the incredible AI-powered HONOR Falcon Camera System that's captured her so beautifully and with such amazing accuracy and clarity. You've never seen phone photography like this.

Incredible power for exceptional shots

The upgraded pro-grade Falcon Camera System in the HONOR Magic6 Series takes photography speed to a whole new level. It delivers industry-leading focus performance thanks to its Shape Memory Alloy actuator, which combines autofocus and optical image stabilisation to track and steady even the toughest shots. 

That's not all. The all-new Magic6 Pro has the Sport Portrait Algorithm, which enables you to capture portrait shots with stunning bokeh effects even at competition speeds. That's because it captures multiple frames and combines them into a single cleverly optimised image. It uses binocular depth estimation and sports portrait segmentation to precisely adjust the background to deliver natural bokeh effects, and the image is also calibrated with multiple frames to deliver realistic light and shadow detail as well as accurate depth of field relationships. It all happens in a heartbeat, delivering beautifully detailed and exciting images without compromise.

HONOR Magic6 Pro Sportography

(Image credit: HONOR)

Pro-level features in your everyday phone

The Magic6 Pro may look like a normal phone, but when it comes to photography it's in a league of its own.

One of the key features of the Magic6 Pro is its telephoto lens. The telephoto is the lens many sports photographers use the most, and HONOR's remarkable 180MP Periscope Telephoto Camera delivers pro-level features previously unheard of in smartphones. 

The telephoto lens supports 2.5 optical zoom, 5X/10X in sensor zoom, and 100X Super Resolution. That means it's ideal for capturing the tiniest details or the most expansive scenes, all with exceptional image clarity. That clarity is thanks to the industry's largest 1/1.49-inch telephoto sensor, which has a wide aperture of f/2.6 to deliver 400% better light sensing ability than its closest rivals. That large sensor is packed with pixels, and it can combine 16 pixels at once into superpixels with an equivalent pixel size of 2.24μm to make light work of even the most challenging lighting conditions. 

The Magic6 Pro also features an industry-first customised HDR sensor, a 1/1.3-inch HDR sensor with an outstanding 800% improvement in dynamic range. That means superior accuracy in both colour and brightness, especially for objects that are highlighted. And it's teamed with HONOR's groundbreaking High Dynamic Range Imaging Enhancement, which uses HONOR's own auto exposure algorithm to deliver seamless transitions between dramatically different lighting conditions.

As if that wasn't impressive enough, the Magic6 Pro has the industry's largest variable aperture for the ultimate in light control. It can automatically or manually set the aperture either f/1.4 or f/2.0, giving you complete control over depth of field and capturing lots more light: 22% more light than a IMX989 f/1.9 lens with a 1-inch sensor. That means sharper, crisper images with exceptional detail for both the foreground and background.

HONOR Magic6 Pro Sportography

(Image credit: HONOR)

Making sportography even smarter

When it comes to sportography, HONOR's R&D team is just getting started. The Magic6 Pro has the latest generation of its AI Motion Sensing, which is pushing the boundaries of photography through the power of AI. With a training dataset of over 8 million images in ten different sports, it can capture more than just stretching, running or jogging to capture drops of water splashing, the graceful motion of a dancer, the exhilarating action of martial arts or even the flashing blades of fencing. 

As Dr. Weilong Hou, Technical Expert, Imaging of HONORexplains: "HONOR is pushing the boundaries of innovation in smartphone photography and is dedicated to bringing the best-in-class capturing experience to users. We believe the next big trend for smartphone photography will be sportography, and our advancements and ambitions in AI-powered sportography represent a significant leap forward, empowering our users to enjoy pro-grade photography experience in their smartphones."

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