Sitting hurts? Your desk chair could be to blame

The ErgoTune Supreme V3 office chair in various colours and environments.
(Image credit: NorthDay)

Not much inter-generational advice stands the test of time, but for more than a century, there have been two pieces of accepted wisdom concerning mundane objects that people of all ages will have agreed with. The first is that you spend one-third of your life in bed… so buy a good one. The second varies in detail, but concerns looking after your feet by buying good shoes, because not doing so can cause posture-related problems all the way up to your neck. However, in recent times, another ‘mundane’ item has joined (and arguably surpassed) them as being critically important for your general wellbeing… the humble office chair.

Why your desk chair matters


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This may be nothing new to long-in-the tooth office workers who’ve liaised with HR departments to address bad backs, but the onset of Covid and the subsequent lockdowns took matters to new heights. First, anyone who sat down for a living quickly realised that those Health & Safety posture pamphlets (which detailed how to sit properly and deport yourself in relation to a monitor and desk) weren’t from insufferable bureaucrats telling you how to live your life, but were actually really important for avoiding 24/7 musculoskeletal pain. Second, that actually following that advice when sitting on a dining chair (or that cheap gaming chair you thought looked cool at the time) at a kitchen table with a laptop – for hours on end – was basically impossible.

However, we’re now living in a changed world, where hybrid work is the new normal. In this new environment, not only have we started addressing our domestic workspaces with more-suitable office furniture and better computing peripherals, we’re using the same spaces for both work and play. It’s now not uncommon for workers to get out of bed, shuffle over to a desk to start work, then clock off eight-hours later… only to stay at the same desk to browse the web, play games, or watch a movie. Gloomy as it sounds, many home workers can move very little some days – maybe even just to the bathroom or kitchen.

The ErgoTune Supreme V3 office chair in various colours and environments.

(Image credit: NorthDay)

Not all ‘ergonomic’ chairs are created equal

Whatever your reality, it should by now be apparent that if you regularly sit down for any extended periods of time, you really need to invest in a good chair – and this is where ErgoTune aims to help.

At a quick glance, the company’s new ErgoTune Supreme V3 might resemble other mesh-based chairs that have become popular over the last decade. Many of these chairs are, however, just cheap rebadged cheap offerings sold direct from factories through third-party sites (like AliExpress) that offer little recourse for the buyer if something goes wrong.

Spend just a few minutes looking at ErgoTune and its products and you’ll see it’s made considerable efforts to stand out from this crowd – and for all the right reasons. The Singaporean company has gone to great lengths to ensure its products are well-built, comfortable and highly customisable. That includes taking steps like sourcing the very best components, and liaising with the community that has grown along with the company to gather feedback and make continual improvements. 

And in 2022, the result of all that work is the ErgoTune Supreme V3. 

Better support than ever

This third iteration of the company’s flagship posture chair features three brand-new, exclusive innovations which have been layered atop its previous premium design.

The first is the TriTune Enhanced neck rest. Previously, this allowed for a generous level of vertical adjustment and 60º of tilt to provide support to the upper spinal column. With V3, not only have both the tilt and height adjustments been improved (the latter to particularly suit more-petite users) it now features a lateral adjustment for headrest depth. This enables a better fit for all users, ensuring that their neck and head will be supported in harmony with their back for extended periods. 

There’s also the new Auto-Tuning Lumbar Area Support (ATLAS). Previously, this resembled a relatively narrow bar that was fixed to the backrest. However, it’s now wider and operates more independently. This enables three different levels of tension adjustments to better match your spinal curve and ensure that slouching is all but impossible – whatever your body shape, and whether you want to work or relax.

Finally, it’s been ‘Gas Lift Enhanced’ to support people across a wider height range. There are now three different options: Petite (140cm – 159cm), Standard (160cm – 179cm) and Tall (180cm – 210cm).

The ErgoTune Supreme V3 office chair in various colours and environments.

(Image credit: NorthDay)

Features that look after your back

These innovations join established, popular features like adjustable backrest height, TrueTilt recline and adjustable seat depth. There are also the popular GyroBrace Armrests which are insanely adjustable: in addition to moving up and down, they can be manipulated to point inwards or outwards (or straight ahead), moved close to your body or further away, and even swivelled around 180º to sit further forward, relative to your arm.

Everything combines to form a highly adjustable, posture-friendly frame which then, in conjunction with the special DuraWeave hybrid-mesh upholstery (that’s simultaneously breathable, durable and keeps you cool in hot and humid weather – perfect for sweaty Australian summers) can be tailored to comfortably support most body types for extended periods.

The other great thing about ErgoTune chairs is that they don’t just make you feel good while sitting in them – you’ll feel special from the moment they arrive. Not only has serious care and thought gone into the assembly instructions – which offer thoughtful hints and tips to save time – there are links for how-to construction videos, spare parts are included (should you one day need them) and there’s a special booklet that includes useful ergonomic advice to help you follow best practices.

The result is a chair that will leave you happy and healthy, plus provide reassurance that you’ve purchased a high-quality product from a truly customer-focused company. And we haven’t even mentioned the incredible 12-year warranty! 

Ultimately, if you need a great chair for work or play – and which at AU$749, won’t break the bank – the ErgoTune Supreme V3 should definitely be on your shortlist!

To discover more, click here to visit the official NorthDay online store.

NorthDay is a Singapore-based furniture brand and the creator of the ErgoTune office chair and EverDesk standing desk.