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Protecting yourself online can seem endlessly complex but now you don't need to be an expert. Software like McAfee+ Premium, along with a few simple precautions, can keep your accounts and identity secure and your data private.

Make sure your operating system is up to date 

Whether you use Mac OS, Windows, one of the growing number of Chromebooks, iPhone OS or Android, keeping your device's operating system up to date is a vital first step.

Exploiting vulnerabilities in the ever-changing backbone of our devices is one of the classic ways viruses and other malware can compromise your system. It seems kind of '00s but can still happen. Set updates to 'automatic' and install them as soon as they arrive.

Double check emails and websites 

We all think we'd never fall for fraud. But for every dubious scammer pretending they have a million dollars just for you, there's someone creating a very convincing email, app or website to entice you into giving away your data.

Be sure important emails are coming from the organization's official email account. Addresses such as '' should set off alarm bells. Checking is usually as simple as clicking on the address in your email client. Try not to follow any suspect links directly, in emails or on social media, and always navigate to web addresses yourself in a new browser.

With McAfee’s Web Advisor, they’ll warn you before you navigate to a risky website. 

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Mix up your passwords

It's a fact that the kind of secure, alphanumeric passwords experts recommend we use are horribly difficult to remember. So it's no wonder that most of us end up using the same or similar passwords across multiple accounts, apps and websites.

This effectively means that a single breach can compromise your online security across the board. By using a password manager, like what you'll find in the McAfee package, a single code will let you into your vault full of randomized, secure passwords, so you won't need to keep each one in your head.

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McAfee+ Premium 

So that's your DIY toolkit. But even an up to date device isn't invulnerable, we can't all be 100% alert the whole time, and not everyone we trust with our data is going to be completely careful with it.

That's where McAfee+ Premium comes in. McAfee has been securing computers since 1987, and 2022's Premium family plan combines privacy, identity and device protection with some clever new innovations.

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The industry-first Protection Score system makes cyber security simple for everyone, from kids to grandparents, by monitoring your online activity and highlighting weak spots via a straightforward points system. All you need to do is follow the instructions to raise your score. An effortlessly simple way to maintain day-to-day diligence.

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In another first, the Personal Data Cleanup Tool continuously and proactively scans forty known data broker sites for your personal information, helping you to see where your data has been found online and removing it so it can't be passed on. McAfee’s identity monitoring also checks the dark web for up to sixty pieces of personal info. With an average data breach detection time ten months ahead of the competition, you can be confident that any leaks are going to be plugged as soon as possible.

Naturally, this all comes bundled with a comprehensive suite of traditional security tools. There's a class-leading VPN service, so you can be sure your browsing is secure, as well as a set of parental controls specifically for keeping your kids safe online.

The password manager vault means you can avoid using duplicate details, and of course there's the cutting edge virus protection that McAfee made their name with, protecting you against everything from malware to phishing attacks.

The McAfee+ Premium plan will work happily with whatever you have in your pocket, in your bag or on your desk, and with an unlimited number of devices covered, you can ensure everyone in your family, from elderly parents to young children, are secure online.

Fast and friendly customer support is available twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

The web doesn't have to be a scary place and cybersecurity shouldn't be a worry, with the right tools, good online protection is simple.

Make McAfee+ Premium part of your cybersecurity toolbox today. 

* Available in the US only, not yet available in Canada

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