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Huawei’s Foldable Phone Actually Looks Amazing

This is a render of Huawei’s new foldable phone. The Chinese company showed the “finished product” at a private event to Korean telecoms, according to the country’s technology newspaper ET News.

Credit: ETNews

(Image credit: ETNews)

A senior official spoke to the paper, confirming that the “Huawei FolderBoop” — Google’s accidental translation from Korean — will support 5G networking. And allthough, the source couldn’t disclose specific design details, specifications, or the user interface, “it was more complete than expected.”

However, ET News apparently managed to get enough dirt to create this render based on the leaks from other people.

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ET News claims that the phone will sport a foldable display almost completely devoid of bezels, measuring 8 inches when open (compared to Samsung’s 7.3-inch display). Outside, the phone will have a 5-inch screen that will allegedly occupy the entire front — except for a notch, unlike Samsung Galaxy F and its 4.6-inch external display.

Huawei’s CEO Ken Hu already has pointed out that its foldable phone “could replace a PC” and that it will beat Samsung’s foldable to include 5G. Both companies were beaen in the war to release the first foldable phone, however, with unknown Chinese company Royole snatching the prized world’s first title on November 1.

Huawei is reportedly aiming to release its first foldable phone in June 2019, while announcing the phone at the Mobile World Congress next February in Barcelona, Spain. Samsung is expected to announce its foldable at the same venue, with a rumored March release.