VR to Go: Backpack PC Makes Oculus Portable

Cord-cutting isn't just for televisions -- at least not if Zotac has its way. According to Road to VR, the mini-PC maker has devised a solution to make virtual-reality headsets like the HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift more mobile using a decidedly low-tech solution.

The company has created a custom version of the ZBox mini PC and paired it with a small backpack. This way, the less modest among us can strap the diminutive device to our backs while wearing a headset and using a controller.

Zotac Mobile VR

While it seems a bit ridiculous, this could be a solid solution for Vive fans, since carrying the PC on your back could potentially free up space for your play area. Imagine ditching that living room table, which would have held the PC and monitor. From the looks of the video, the ZBox would have a portable battery, but the company's blog is scant on any spec-focused details such as CPU, GPU, pricing and just how much juice the battery would get.

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I know what you're thinking, but before you guffaw dismissively, I'd caution you not to knock it until you try it. Although I haven't had the opportunity to piggyback a Zotac, I have tried a similar setup with the Aorus X7 DT gaming laptop and the Rift. The Rift's wires were tucked away for the most part ,allowing me to traverse the test space with relative ease.

We're looking at a similar execution with Zotac, though I'd imagine that lugging around a mini-PC is a lot gentler on the back than a 17-inch gaming laptop.

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  • JNLB
    How did they handle motion tracking with the Rift? Doesn't the camera sensor have to be plugged into a USB port and be placed on a table? I could see this working with the Vive though, since their sensors are wireless.