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Gold Edition Zelda Catridge Doubles as HDD

The NES is an icon; it represents a powerful moment in gaming history. It was a time of electronic beeps, of plots as simple as Save the Princess or Kill Hitler. It was an era before 1080p HD, when we were supposed to imagine that the chunky blob of pixels onscreen was an Italian plumber or a princess-saving, pointy-eared kleptomaniac hero.

Yet despite those limitations, NES games took hold of our collective imagination. Some of the longest-running franchises started on the NES, including the aforementioned heroes. 8Bit Memory understands that nostalgia, and plans to milk it for all its worth. They've released a custom line of external hard drives, all encased in the gold pre-order editions of The Legend of Zelda NES cartridge.

If Zelda's not your thing, you can even request for a different game cartridge, so long as they have it in stock. Whichever game you choose, in its hallowed cartridge will reside a Toshiba 2.5" hard drive. The drives come in 1TB, 750MB and 500MB flavors. At $179.99 a pop, it seems a small price to pay for childhood nostalgia.

[source: 8Bit Memory shop at etsy]