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Man Uses YouTube to Deliver Baby

We’ve all seen movies and read stories in the paper about some poor man who ended up having to deliver his own kid for one reason or another. In a situation where many would panic, one man in England kept his cool and hit up YouTube for some help.

When Mark and Jo Stephens got pregnant, they decided they wanted to have this kid at home. With about three weeks left until B-Day, Mark decided he should at least know what the midwife is going to be doing, so he Googles childbirth and spends some time checking out labor videos on YouTube. "I Googled how to deliver a baby, watched a few videos and basically swotted up," Mr. Stephens told the BBC.

At about half past ten, Mark headed to bed feeling more prepared for the family’s new arrival. However, by 2 a.m. Jo was in labor. Mark called the hospital and was told there were no midwives available and was instructed to phone for an ambulance. With Jo’s contractions just five minutes apart and no sign of the ambulance arriving any time soon, Mark put his new-found midwifery skills into action.

Speaking to the Guardian, Mark said he didn’t really have time to freak out because everything happened so fast. "Jo rushed out of the bathroom and dropped down on all fours. As soon as she dropped down I looked down and its head was sticking out. I was still on the phone to the midwife. To be honest I didn't have time to panic."

After delivering the 5lbs 5oz boy, Gabriel, the Stephens went to the Royal Cornwall Hospital at Treliske, where according to the BBC, both mom and baby got a clean bill of health.

Stephens, a naval engineer, has reportedly also learned how to play the guitar and solve the Rubik's Cube puzzle using YouTube.