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You Say You Want an Archos PVR Revolution?


The Archos' AV500 ratings:

Audio quality4/5
Video quality4.5/5
Earphone quality3.5/5

An AV player must have good audio and video quality in equal proportions. But if a player is hard to handle, no matter how good its quality, it may well end up gathering dust in a closet instead of being used regularly. The player's ergonomics, whether you use it alone or hooked up to a PC or a TV set, will decide how much use you make of it, and so it affects the overall score we give it.

So here's an audio/video player that's light enough to slip into your jacket pocket, but with video quality that's good enough so you won't ruin your eyes after the first hour of a movie, and you're still hesitating? What more could you ask? Ease of use? Regardless of the operating mode (whether connected to a computer, a video camera or a television set), all it takes is a couple of minutes to learn to use it. Long battery life? It may be a little short in video mode (3 hrs 30 min maximum), but the AV 500 more than makes up for it in audio mode (25 hrs). Of course, the earphones included with the device fall short, so count on a spending an additional $30 for a quality pair. The main fly in the ointment, as with all players in its category, thus remains the price - still high at around $500 for 30 GB and $700 for 100 GB of capacity.