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Master Yoda Will Guide You Where to Go With GPS

Tired of the same old monotone voice inside your GPS telling you where to go? Maybe it's time to take some direction from Master Yoda -- if you have a TomTom GPS.

Just imaging Yoda telling you, "After 700 hundred yards hmm, keep to the right then take a sharp left. Control, control, if a Jedi you wish to be."

The Yoda voice also comes with ghostly encouragement from Obi-Wan Ben Kenobi, which is taken from the original films and embedded into the navigation commentary. John Williams’ ‘Yoda’s Theme’ music is also interwoven with certain commands, giving it something other navigation systems don't have.

Yoda’s voice is available for download now for $12.95 from TomTom.

Here's the video with Darth Vader just to represent the dark side: