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Superyacht Features Retractable Eco-Sail

Bringing together the best of both the green tech and superyacht worlds, Xiang Yu from the Netherlands has created a superyacht that creates sustainable energy via a breathtaking retractable sail that blooms like a flower. Rightfully called "Bloom", Xiang Yu's design gathers both the naturally occurring power of the wind as well as the sun to power it's entire lighting system along with its own electric motors.

By using a vertical-axis windmill along with solar fabric, the sail creates efficient and abundant renewable energy. While the sail is not in use, it folds itself back up and retracts back into the yacht. Harnessing the power gathered from the sail, Bloom runs on a hybrid diesel-electric motor system that allows the yacht to reach a top speed of 20+ knots. Measuring in at a comfortable 60m in length, Bloom will provide more than enough space for many guests and crew members.