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XOne Glasses Let You See Through Someone Else’s Eyes

Most wearable displays are designed to bring notifications to your face or to deliver augmented reality. XOEye, however, is taking a different approach with its wearable computer. The XOne is a pair of smart glasses designed for the workplace that allow users to share their screen remotely.

The XOne isn’t meant for consumers, but will be tailored for enterprise users when it launches in Q2 2014. For example, if supervisor is  training an employee that’s working remotely, that worker could see exactly what his or her boss is doing as long as he or she is using the glasses. The recipient would use XOEye’s app on desktops, laptops or mobile devices to see the content. Pricing will be officially announced in February, but XOEye CEO Aaron Salow tells us that it may fall in the $500-$600 range.

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Two 5-megapixels cameras sit in the upper corners of each eyepiece for taking photos, live streaming video in real time, and recording footage.The eyewear looks like a chunkier version of your typical pair of glasses since its accelerometer, gyroscope, processor and other components are housed in its sides.

The design prototype we tried on felt extremely light and comfortable, but it didn’t include any of the internal components. We also tried on a working 3D-printed prototype that looked similar to the final design. This model was slightly heavier, although it still felt comfortable to wear. We did notice that the top left corner of the earpiece got distinctly warm, but XOEye tells us this will be addressed when the device ships. The smart glasses also come with lights around the frames that can be used for notifications, such as when the battery runs low.

As we panned around the room while wearing the glasses, we saw our point of view appear on a nearby TV screen. We’ll be much more impressed when we can teleconference with someone from across the county like XOEye claims.