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Not for Small Hands: 6.4-inch Phone Dwarfs Competition

I like big phones and I cannot lie. And the other phablets can't deny that the newly unveiled Xiaomi MiMax is the biggest phone in town. With a 6.44-inch screen, it may be tough to keep the MiMax in your pants, despite Xiaomi's claim, backed by pictures, that the phone's "slim 7.5mm (0.29-inch) body" will fit in your pocket.

Launching in China for a starting price of 1499 yuan (that's about US$229), the MiMax's screen isn't the only thing that's large about this new phone. Packing a generous 4,850-mAh battery, the MiMax should have the stamina to last all day.

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The phone also rocks a fingerprint sensor, 16-megapixel rear and 5-MP front camera, as well as Snapdragon 650 or Snapdragon 652 processors. In addition, 4GB of RAM and 128GB of storage promise capable multitasking. The MiMax will also run Xiaomi's latest MIUI 8 software overlay on top of Android.

Those are very solid specs for the relatively low price, and the phone's metal body also looks handsome. The MiMax's screen is bigger than the iPhone 6s Plus (5.5 inches), the Nexus 6P (5.7 inches) and the Galaxy S7 Edge (5.7 inches), though there's no word yet on whether Xiaomi's phone has the display resolution to match its larger canvas. It's also unclear when — or even if — the MiMax will officially launch in the U.S.

I love the extra space such a large panel offers, since I enjoy watching videos, playing games and looking at pictures on my phone. Those who want a phone that will fit in their pockets may not like the MiMax, though. Although the MiMax's slim profile may help you slip it into a pocket, its 6.81 x 3.47 x 0.29-inch frame may cause it to jut out of all but most bottomless pockets.

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