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Xiaomi's First VR Headset Has Zippers and Costs Just 15 Cents

Xiaomi might have the most stylish virtual reality headset on the market soon. The company's first foray in the VR arena, the entry-level Mi VR Play aims to offer equal parts comfort, clever design and fun. According to TechCrunch, the device is currently in the test phases and those lucky enough to be accepted into the pre-launch program will only have to pay an absurd $0.15 to get their hands on one.

As the initial price suggests, Xiaomi wants to get into the VR market without breaking the bank on either end. That's why the Mi VR Play takes after Google Cardboard's more simplistic design rather than cloning the higher-end Samsung Gear VR.

But don't write the Mi VR Play off as a chintzy toy just yet. Made of a durable lycra, the headset promises "long-lasting comfort." And instead of placing your phone into unsecure velcro clasps, Xiaomi has outfitted the headset with a pair of zippers to ensure your phone (between 4.7-5.7 inches) stays in place. The pair of openings along the front of the headset allow you to adjust your smartphone at will as well as deliver some much needed ventilation. And unlike most VR headsets, the Mi VR Play will come in a number of bold prints and colors —
 something that's painfully needed in a market of black and white products. 

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However, it won't matter how stylish or practical the headset is if it doesn't have solid content to back it up. To that end, the headset will work in tandem with Xiaomi's Mi VR app which will aggregate content from chosen partners such as Conde Nast Traveler. In addition to that, Xiaomi is putting its money where its mouth is and pledging $1 billion to help build out video content for VR and traditional viewing.

There's currently no word on when the Mi VR Play will hit the world stage, but when it does, it will definitely be a welcome and standout addition to the growing mobile VR headset market.

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