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Microsoft Responds to Disc Scratching Issue

We recently heard through court documents that Microsoft allegedly was aware of Xbox 360 scratching game discs.

In fact, the hardware “quirk” was supposedly known even prior to the console’s launch, but no changes were made to the hardware to help stave off any potential problems.

What Microsoft did do, however, was affix a sticker on the front of the disc tray on every new Xbox 360 explicitly warning users from moving the console while a disc is in the tray.

"Xbox 360 is designed so that it will not damage a game disc as long as the console is not moved while the disc is spinning," a Microsoft spokesman said in response to the Seattle P-I. "Too much movement of any game console, not just Xbox 360, can cause scratches on a disc. That's why we put a warning on the face of the disc tray, which the user has to physically remove before the initial use of the system. We also have warnings posted online and in hard copy instruction manuals.

While it’s just common sense not to bother a console (or any spinning disc drive, for that matter) during it’s under operation, we have heard of cases where the Xbox 360 has scratched discs when stationary. Unfortunately, such problems have yet to be isolated to any specific make of model of DVD drive hardware.

Microsoft added that less than 1 percent of the total Xbox 360 user base has complained about disc scratching issues.