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Check Out the New Improved Xbox 360 Controller

Even almost five years after its release, the Xbox 360 is still going through hardware evolution. While we saw the console itself get an overhaul with the Xbox 360 S console, today we learn about a new controller tweak that should make the d-pad better.

While most Xbox 360 games don't rely on the digital d-pad that much, those who play fighting games know how imprecise the Xbox 360 controller can be. Microsoft is aiming to fix that this fall with a new, tweaked controller that'll be showing up on November 9.

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The d-pad can be switched between the current, smoothed form to a more discrete plus-sign like the classic Nintendo design through a 90-degree twist. Check out Major Nelson demonstrating it.

The only downer is that this will not be the default controller and won't be purchasable on its own. Instead, it'll be part of a bundle with the play and charge kit for $64.99.