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Keyboard Features Interactive iPhone Dock

Korean keyboard manufacturer Omnio has created an incredible keyboard that integrates an interactive iPhone and iPod touch dock that allows for easy data transfer as well as a number of other functions. Dubbed the 'wow-keys' this keyboard is sure to wow its users with its dual windows and mac compatibilities.

In addition to its regular charging and syncing functions, the dock is capable of transforming the keyboard into 'PC mode' or 'iPhone mode'. In PC mode the iPhone or iPod is used as an additional touchscreen interface with controllable macros or information displays. In iPhone mode the keyboard itself can control the iPhone in order to make writing notes, emails or text messages as fast as typing on a computer.

By removing the numpad from the keyboard and replacing it with the dock, the keyboard manages to retain a small 16 x 4.7 x 1 inches form weighing it at a reasonable 1.4 pounds. The wow-keys keyboard is already available for purchase through online distributors at the price of $100. Head on over to Compuexpert to find out where to get yours.