Workshop: A Digital Facelift for Your Analog Movies

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


"pdvcodec.dll"="Panasonic DV Codec"




"Description"="Panasonic DV Codec"



Once you've made these settings, Virtual Dub should have no problems handling DV type-1 files.

The freeware program Virtual Dub supports many video codecs.

Video codecs such as Huffyuv take up very little space on your hard drive and produce excellent video recordings.

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Filter nameDescriptionInternet address
AntiflickerReduces image
Chroma Noise ReductionReduces
DeflickerReduces image
DelogoRemoves static visual elements such as station
DeshakerReduces image
Flaxen's FiltersStabilizes and focuses images, reduces noise and chroma
Noise Reduction/ Cropping FilterReduces
Radial Luminance CorrectionDarkens bright surfaces (hotspots)
RGB Adjustment FilterAdjusts red, green and blue
Smart Smoother High QualitySmoother, reduces video
SpotremoverRemoves spots and
Temporal CleanerReduces color
Video Denoise FilterReduces
White BalanceHue, saturation, brightness, contrast, white