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Philippe Starck-Designed Gizmo Tracks Your Keys in Style

If you're constantly hunting around for your keys or other small, easy-to-lose items, you've probably considered buying a key finder, the attachable trackers that help people find missing items. While you've got your pick of options, none offer the elegance of style of Wistiki's Aha!, which also adds on a bit of proactive bit of help.

Hands-on Impressions: Checking out this Philippe Starck-designed tracker at CES 2017, I noticed a look and feel that suggested they could sit alongside other jewelry. It's nice to see gadgets that don't scream "I bought this from a Radio Shack!"

Starting Price: $39.90

Release Date: March 2017

Key Specs: iOS and Android support; Tracking distance of up to 320 feet; Available in orange, pink, purple and yellow.

What's New: Wistiki is adding a new feature that allows the tracker's app to notify you if you get too far away from your tracked device. The Aha!'s oval design makes it slightly more attractive than the rectangular Voila.

Why You Should Care: If you're sick of losing your belongings and other trackers look too bland, you'll have an Aha! moment with this tracker.

Outlook: Pleasantly interested.