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New Gadget Promises Tweets From Dogs

Nothing keeps you in touch like Twitter. The microblogging social network lets your friends know exactly what you're doing, and vice versa. It's been used to organize flash mobs, for viral marketing, and to let celebrities keep in touch with their fans.

The only thing Twitter can't do is take care of your dog. That is, until now.

The Canine Twitterer is a wireless tag that hooks up to your four-legged best friend's collar. His activities are monitored via the built-in motion sensor and microphone. The data is then sent up to 100' away to a USB receiver hooked up to your computer. The bundled software will then interpret your pet's actions as a series of canine-themed tweets.

Sure, it won't fill the dog bowl or take Fido out for a walk, but it's a nice way of keeping an eye on your pet while your sedentary ass stays firmly rooted to your chair. I'm just not sure if Twitter's servers can handle the massive trending on two new topics, #carchasing and #rearsniffing.

[source: Hammacher Schlemmer]