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Wireless Gadget Charger, Anyone?

Hauling a ton of gadgets and gizmos half way around the world, let alone your own house, and keeping them all charged is a pain. If it isn't your phone moaning about low charge then it's the MP3 player or the laptop.

WildCharge is an interesting solution to this problem - wireless recharging. Now personally I'm not going to be standing myself or any pacemakers anywhere near the damn thing when it gets going, but the idea is simple: There's a pad, and you sit one or more of your devices down on it and they charge. Hey presto, put in on your desk and drop your phone on it at some stage.

The hitch? Well, WildCharge is being a little vague about the supported devices - or how they'll actually support devices. Will you need to have something that's built in out of the factory, or is it a case of plugging some addon into your device, or getting a new battery? Err, we don't know. But hey, the idea of (nearly) wireless, hassle free recharging appeals none the less.