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Here's the First Windows VR Headsets From Dell, HP and Acer

At Microsoft's hardware showcase at CES 2017, the company showed the first prototypes of VR headsets for Windows from Acer, HP, Dell and Chinese manufactuer 3Glasses, as well as Lenovo, which we saw earlier this week.

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None of the headsets had names or prices, and most were shown under glass. There are no specific prices or release dates, but we were told to expect all of them in 2017, and that the lowest priced headsets will be $299. But that that may not be the price point for all of these headsets.

Many of the headsets have cameras for Windows Holographic's mixed reality as well as VR, though we don't have specs on what types of cameras they are.

These headsets are meant to work with mainstream laptops that use integrated graphics, so the idea is to let pretty much everyone in on the VR fun.