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8 Ways Windows 8 Speeds Up

Run Games Faster (But Just a Little)

The general improvements in Windows 8 should speed up gameplay; how much depends on what version of DirectX your graphics card supports, but there’s good news for systems with basic graphics hardware. Windows 8 has a software feature that pretends to be a 3D-capable graphics card. That’s what makes the new boot screens – and even the new blue-screen errors – look prettier, with graphics rather than just basic text. It will also let you play DirectX 11 games and get animated window effects on even integrated graphics.

A real GPU will always be faster and DirectX 11 in Windows 8 lets game developers use more powerful features, especially in the shaders that put textures on the objects you need on screen.

The frames per second display speed is higher in Windows 8 in both games we tested - Resident Evil 5 and X3 Terran Conflict. None of the scores are impressive for a gaming system, but we ran the tests on a business notebook with only basic Intel integrated graphics. Windows 8 doesn’t turn it into a gaming rig, but the improvements should be more impressive with better graphics hardware.