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Wii Price Cut Peeped in Leaked TRU Ad

Thanks to a low initial price and longevity in demand, Nintendo hasn't had to do very much with the Wii's price.

While Sony and Microsoft have had to either bundle free games or drop the price, the Wii has held the very same $249.99 it did since the day it launched in 2006.

Three years without a single price drop for a video game console is unheard of, and it seems that Nintendo probably won't be going into its fourth year without some move on price – if leaked flyers sent to Kotaku are to be believed.

A $50 price cut would bring the Wii in line with the Xbox Live Arcade console, giving shoppers this holiday season an affordable price point for both hardcore gamers and those more casual who just love to waggle.

  • i still think its a waste of money or to put it better a poor value and this is coming from an ex Nintendo fanboy
  • bigalfantasy2004
    I always like a price cut. Though it usually means a new version of the system is around the corner.
  • dark_lord69
    I am also an ex nintendo fanboy.
    I really don't think the Wii is that great.
    It is a lot of fun for some games but nintendo tends to have too many childish and novelty games and the Wii isn't capable of HD resolutions.
    Despite those facts I still have one and own several games for it... but I find it's collecting dust. While my PS3 is being used all the time.
  • Hanin33
    i think some of you forget the true demographic nintendo aims for... and it's not yourselves...
  • cekasone
    I want the black Wii.
  • rooket
    I always felt that $249.99 was too much for this. When I found out it was still that price I was like what... I think I read somewhere that it costs nintendo like $70 to manufacture this console or something. Anyway $199 for this or you can get an xbox 360 somewhere on sale for $157..seems like a no brainer to me. xbox 360 is a better console overall.
  • chaohsiangchen
    Even though I neither need or want it, price cut is always a good thing.

    Nevertheless, I hope the price for food, fuel, cellphone fee, insurance and apartment rent can be lowered, too.
  • hellwig
    I too think that Barbie's Playtime Funhouse is juvenile and a little girly. I just don't know what Mattel was thinking, releasing such a toy in the face of the XBox 360 and the PS3. Without HD output (or any video output for that matter), a lack of internal harddrive (or any data storage for that matter), and no Wifi Draft-N (or any network connectivity whatsoever), it just simply can't compete. Ignoring the fact that billions of dollars worth of Barbie dolls merchandise sell every year, clearly Mattel has no idea what they are doing.*

    *In case you missed it, that was sarcasm aimed at every "Nintendo Sucks" douche-bag who keeps posting about what a failure the console is. 25+ years of experience, the #1 console (50+ million Wiis sold), and the #1 handheld (over 100+ million DSs sold), are success under any terms. Whether or not the Wii directly competes with the 360 and PS3 is meaningless.

    What's next, the Toyota Camry is a failure because it doesn't have the horsepower of a Corvette or the fancy keyless electronics of a Lexus?
  • itadakimasu
    sweet.... I'm going to hold off on buying one for a little longer !

    i've been getting the itch to buy one in the past few weeks and people have them for $150-175 on craigslist...
  • Nintendo wasted the potential of the Wii. 3-years later and the Wii is still waiting to have a killer-app. Overpriced weak hardware, lack of real gamer games and a controller that never got fully realized. The system gets almost no play at my house other than my 7 year daughter and she still rather play (Burnout-Paradise) and (Prince of Persia) on my P.C. with... the XBOX-360 controller. LOL.