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Nintendo, Street Fighter Top Feb. Game Sales

We’re in an economic downturn, but consumers are still snatching up the video games.

Perhaps it’s because video games offer a strong value of entertainment for the dollar, but whatever it is, there’s still consumer spending in the industry.

No surprises here, but Nintendo once again towers over all in the hardware sales numbers with 753,000 Wii consoles and 588,000 DS Lites sold, according to retail sales data collected by the NPD Group.

“The U.S. video games industry continues to post strong year-over-year comps despite the tough economy,” said Anita Frazier of the NPD Group. “Unit sales increased even more than dollar sales did, reflecting a slightly lower average retail price for all categories as compared to last year."

The Xbox 360 sold 391,000 units, Microsoft’s strongest non-holiday month save for the Halo 3 release back in September 2007.

Sony’s systems made up the bottom half of the list with the PlayStation 3 selling 276,000, the PSP at 199,000, and the undying PS2 at 131,000.

With all the Wiis sold, it’s not surprising to see that the top selling single SKU was Wii Fit, moving 644,000 units -- perhaps signaling now more than ever that the Wii is being sold as more than just a games machine.

The top selling game overall for February was Street Fighter IV, with the Xbox 360 and PS3 numbers totaling 849,000 sold.

"Consumers picked up nearly 20 million units of video game software in February, a 14% increase over February 2008. The average retail price for games is 4% lower than last year, which is why the dollar sales increase is not quite keeping in pace with the increase in unit sales."

  • Tekkamanraiden
    No wonder I can't find a Street Fighter Arcade stick, I've been looking under the wrong name.
  • street fighter 4 is soooo goood
  • captaincharisma
    and once again the WII is on top. how can you say its not a real console when everyone is snatching it up more than the other 2
  • skine
    Have there been any good Wii games (emphasis on good and games) released within the last year?

    Aside from Mario Kart 11 months ago, the new Guitar Hero game, and Punch Out coming in May, I haven't heard much of anything. Not that I'm complaining too much about playing through Okami again, just that it would be nice to have a good selection.
  • cknobman
    Everyone I know who owns a wii only plays on it when company comes over and then its limited play. They all have said that the games pretty much suck on it except for a few good ones.
  • Tindytim
    the Wii is being sold as more than just a games machine.
    It's not being sold as a game machine. It's being sold as a mini-game/ self improvement toy.

    captaincharismaand once again the WII is on top. how can you say its not a real console when everyone is snatching it up more than the other 2Look at the actual 'games' on the toy. The toy makes it's money off of products that are mostly collections of smaller, crappier, and easier to develop games. It's a market saturated with people who haven't played the classics, and wouldn't know what a good games is.
  • lancelot123
    Since when did game consoles stop being toys? All game consoles are toys and will forever be toys. You are throwing that word around like it is a bad thing.

    As for good games, this isn't just a Nintendo problem, but everyones. Good games, be it on 360, Wii or PC, are few and far between. Seems like there is at least a year from good title to good title, sometimes much longer. I don't list PS3, cause they either don't have any good games that I personally like, or they are multi-platform games.
  • Tindytim
    lancelot123Since when did game consoles stop being toys?When I started running Folding@home on it.
  • belawrence
    Good Wii games this year so far: Deadly Creatures, HOTD:Overkill, Madworld. An average of one per month.
  • The Schnoz
    Of course videogames are selling well during this recession. People need something to do when staying home after being laid off.