iPhone to Finally Get Wi-Fi Hotspot in iOS 4.3?

The ability for a phone to create a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot to share its 3G connection is a pretty cool feature. Google rolled that out for its Android 2.2 Froyo software last year, and for users of carriers that support it, it's been a great way to get online without having to stop at an internet café.

Currently, iPhone users who want to do the same thing have to resort to jailbreaking and then paying for an unofficial $20 application. At the Verizon iPhone 4 announcement on Tuesday, it was revealed that the carrier would allow for tethering access for up to five wireless devices – which is inline with the MiFi devices sold in the U.S.

The Boy Genius Report says that this Wi-Fi hotspot feature won't be exclusive to just Verizon, but rather will be a part of iOS 4.3 whenever it's ready. Like tethering access, it'll be carrier dependent. But if true, this will mean that the Apple device will finally get an officially support feature that's been possible in hardware since the very first iPhone.

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    Wow this seems like a simple feature. It took THIS long to include?
  • house70
    Reason for jailbreaking is to allow un-official apps to be installed.
    Everything else falls under that.
  • aracheb
    apple, my friend apple..